Wine Celebration In Switzerland: La Fête des Vignerons

Feb 10, 2019 | Swiss wine, Vaud | 0 comments

The Swiss develop their traditions of wine production since the Roman times. They are carefully kept in families and once in 20 years greatly praised in a city of Vevey. Here, in the heart of Vaud, a canton that produces a third of all Swiss wines, winemakers and winelovers gather together during a special event – la Fête des Vignerons.

La Fête des Vignerons (the Winegrowers’ Festival) is the largest and the oldest wine event in Switzerland. It is an exhibition, a colorful manifistation, arena shows and, of course, the wine! The festival is a tribute to the hardwork of local winemakers. It aims to estimate the change quality of wines produced in Switzerland by different generations. 

In 2016, UNESCO recognized this Swiss tradition as an example of intangible cultural heritage.

La Fête des Vignerons has been held since 1797 by the Winegrowers’ Association Confrérie des Vignerons (Brotherhood of Winegrowers). They have the right to decide how often the festival is going to take place (maximum 5 times a century). The last La Fête des Vignerons took place in 1999.

In the very beginning, the Festival was just a small street procession of the vineyards’ owners and their winegrowers. Later singers, actors, dancers were involved in this celebration. Today it brings together people from the villages and the cities, the locals and the foreigners to a colorful manifistation at Place du Marché. The best vineyard workers got rewards during a coronation ceremony. 

The upcoming wine festival will be full of activities, historical performances, colorful parades, folklore and circus shows dedicated to Swiss culture of winegrowing. All that will take place in the market place near the shore of Lake Geneva.