Latin American Restaurants In Geneva

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Are you looking to try a great steak, discover the taste of real guacamole and enjoy authentic tapas or arepas in Geneva? SUISSEPIC listed the most popular places that serve various traditional Latin American cuisines within the diplomatic capital of Switzerland.

Latin Americans count for approximately 0.6% of the Swiss population, which is a little more than 51,000 people. Beig passionate originally these people are also very brave in combining tastes and flavors of various dishes. Without hesitation, they mix salt and sugar together, as well as various raw ingredients, integrating a part of soul into perfect dishes. Therefore, believe me, watching how Latin Americans cook is a real pleasure.

In Geneva, you can find artisanal South American restaurants, ranging from haute-cuisine to family cafes and snack bars. All of them serve fresh and delicious food, so get ready to join us on this adventure and be prepared to gain another kilogram from trying such cuisines.

Argentinian restaurants in Geneva

Argentina is popular among foreigners for its quality meats. So, if you’re dreaming of the best, mouthwatering steaks, grilled meats, and sausages ever made, we recommend you make a special visit to La Cocina Argentina (58 Rue Saint Jean, 1203, Geneva). Music and hospitality at this place will accompany you throughout the evening. If you’re having a craving for fast-food with a BBQ atmosphere, with Argentinian flags, then meet up at El asador (24 Route des Jeunes, 1227, Geneva).

Brazilian restaurants in Geneva

Like Argentina, meat is a business card of Brazil. If you’re into traditional Brazilian cuisine such as grilled meats and authentic feijoada, then head on over to Aquarela do Brasil (57 Rue de la Servette, 1202 Geneva). Waiters will cut  grilled beef from skewers in front of you also at Churrascaria Gaucho (1 Chemin Malombre, 1206, Geneva). If you’re looking for a family atmosphere, meat, French fries, and pizza, then meet up at Cafe des Charmilles (40 Rue des Charmilles, 1203, Geneva). If you’re looking for a cozy place, check out Barraco Chic (4 Rue Liotard, 1202, Geneva). They offer traditional picanha and feijoada.

Photo: Aquarello do Brasil

Mexican restaurants in Geneva

Amigos, tacos are not the only thing, which Mexico is famous for. How about trying a chicken under a chocolate mole? Mole is the word used for a number of sauces with Mexican cuisine. If you’re looking for a pirate atmosphere to try tacos and mole poblano, accompanied with cocktails or tequila, check out Taqueria Los Cunados (Quartier les Eaux-Vives, 1207, Geneva). Mexican snacks can be found at Burrito Brothers (29 Rue Rousseau, 1201 Geneva). Arriba!

Here are some other places that service Mexican cuisine:
• El Catrín (7 Rue de Richemont, 1202, Geneva)
• Chat Rouge (25 Rue Voltaire, 1201, Geneva)
• Taqueria (17 Rue de Montchoisy, 1207 Geneva)
• Los Bandidos (48 Boulevard du Pont-d’Arve, 1205 Geneva)

Photo: Taquería Los Cuñados

Peruvian restaurants in Geneva

Ceviche, chicken, octopus, and a large variety of cooked potatoes are among the main things you have to try while enjoying Peruvian cuisine. All of this can be found at Maloca (3 Rue du Prieuré, 1202 Geneva), which provides an excellent family atmosphere. Peruvian snacks and fast-food can be found at Mama Wasi (22 Rue de Lausanne 22, 1201 Genève). A fusion of Peruvian food and sushi are available at Kampai (25, Rue de Monthoux 25, 1201 Geneva), and a combination of Peruvian and Hawaiian cuisine can be tried at La Esquina (6 Rue de la Mairie, 1207 Geneva).

Culinary masterpieces with a Peruvian flavor will be served in front of you at ALMA  (6 Rue Henri-Blanvalet, 1207, Geneva) and Pachacamac (11 Rue Voltaire, 1201, Geneva). The later place is operated by a talented female chef named Cecilia Zapata. Coming from a gastro family, Cecilia inherited her culinary talents from parents, who used to own a restaurant in Lima. Today, Pachacamac in Geneva is a tribute to them. Enjoy delicious ceviche, octopus, and Amazonian salmon. Dinner, which includes a starter, a main dish, and dessert, will cost you at least CHF 75 without drink.

According to the locals, Cecilia’s work is “high-end Peruvian cuisine that is worth paying for as if you’re in Peru! The Chef is a woman, and the food goes from raw to stew cooked, fishes, meat, veggies, and many more.”

Here are some other places that serve Peruvian cuisine:
• Rosa Moreno (21 Rue de la Fontenette, 1227 Carouge)
• Los Incas (105 Boulevard de la Cluse, 1205 Geneva)
• Miski (65 Rue de Berne 65, 1201 Geneva)

Photo: Pachacamac

Ecuadorian restaurants in Geneva

The unique feature of Ecuadorian cuisine is the traditional way to cook the food. Until now, locals prefer stews and soups, as well as dishes ranging from cereals, vegetables, and eggs. If you’re looking for homemade dishes of exceptional quality, stroll on over to Ecualatino (25, Rue des Deux-Ponts, 1205 Geneva). Here, you will find fish and seafood soups, as well as grilled meats and patacones, fried green plantains, salty and crispy. And all these spicy sauces Ecuadorians love so much. They call them “ají”.

Venezuela and Colombia restaurants in Geneva

As a warning, Venezuelan cuisine is not for those that keep to a strict digest. Venezuelans use a lot of beans, rice, and all varieties of corn, including corn flour. Arepas are traditional flapjacks made from ground maize dough or cooked corn flour. They are served hot for breakfast or lunch, accompanied with avocado, meats, sausages, or anything else you just wish to put inside. Some of the most inventive individuals even can put some French fries there.

• La Arepa (33 Rue des Deux-Ponts, 1205 Geneva)
• L’amazona (14 Boulevard James-Fazy, 1201 Geneva)

• Le Luserna (13 Avenue De-Luserna, 1203 Geneva)

Photo: L’Arepa