Tennis in Zurich and Neuchâtel

Tennis has been historically known as the “sport for a lifetime”. It is a very popular across Switzerland, and is played by individuals of all ages. If you want to learn how to play, improve your technique, have fun, or win matches, then check out the following tennis academies and schools in Zurich and Neuchâtel.

Tennis in Zürich

Tennis Academy Zürich, Inh. Hesse

Hardturmstrasse 134A, 8005 Zürich

Tennis Academy Zürich, Inh. Hesse is one of the leading high-performance tennis academies in the country, offering extensive training programs for people of all ages and levels. It has programs that are geared towards individuals and groups who are looking to improve their tennis skills under the guidance of professionals. This academy also offers weekly programs, or 1 and 6 months training contracts, with training twice a day. The academy’s new facilities have all the necessary structures, and are set up as complete training programs for the players. The passionate team is always ready to help each individual reach his/her goals and full potential, and will adapt unique training methods for every single player. Every tennis player can develop and improve his/her tactical, physical, and technical skills, as well as develop his/her psychological skills.

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Bozovic Tennis Academy

Wiesenstrasse 8, 8952 Schlieren

Bozovic Tennis Academy is a private, sports, educational, professional, and recreational institution. It comprises of only the top coaches with considerable amounts of professional experience from Switzerland and across Europe. The coaches, experts, and specialists in their respective fields are constantly analyzing each of the players, and are focused on improving each individual’s game. The Academy’s infrastructure is perfect, and offers first-class amenities for all tennis players, a modern approach to training, and the most advanced techniques being utilized in every tennis program. All of the junior and professional programs include tactical, technical, physical, and mental parameters of work and development, as well as detailed planning and analysis of each individual.

Tennis in Neuchâtel

Balle de Set. L’école de tennis

Route des Marais 10, 2074 Marin-Epagnier

Balle de Set offers competitive training, private or group lessons, physical training, and weekly programs for kids, teenagers, and adults of all levels of experience. This school aims at assisting its athletes with achieving their personal and professional goals, and has all the necessities for high-performance training. The coaches at Balle de Set will design a personal training program for all players for any amount of time, as well as motivate the players so that they can reach their full potential and become professional athletes.

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