Where To Have A Business Lunch in Geneva For CHF 30

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Geneva is often called a gastronomic capital of Switzerland. With over than 1,000 restaurants the city offers great variety of world’s cuisines from authentic French to exotic Asian one. You can definitely find everything in world’s diplomatic capital, but it’s all about prices.

Thus Moira told to SUISSEPIC that she could not forget her experience at Hotel des Bergues, where she paid CHF 64 for 8 pieces of gnocchi with a drizzle of olive oil as a main course. Yes, meal is not very cheap in Geneva. And yes, it is not an easy thing to find a place to have a business lunch. However, SUISSEPIC had a talk with the locals where they prefer to eat during the day-time.

We asked them the same question: Where do you recommend a young entrepreneur to go for a business lunch with a potential partner or client? Therefore, with this question, we tried to set initial budget restrictions.

Parfums de Beyrouth

CHF 20
18, Rue de Berne, 1201

One of my favorite places with great Lebanese food. With the price of shawarma of CHF 8 or a huge meat plate with falafel, salads and hummus as a side dish plus a drink for CHF 20 this place could easily beat street food or Migros with ready-made food. You close your eyes for simple decorations as food is so delicious. The place could fit for fast-going meetings or your own business lunch.


CHF 30
6, Rue de Cornavin 6, 1201 

Manora food is a self-service buffet with several types of cuisines located at the top of a shopping center MANOR, beside the train station. You can find also fine desserts accompanied with a good coffee. Enjoy sharing good moments looking at the rooftops of Geneva at the terrace.


CHF 30
6, Rue Zurlinden, 1207 

EAT ME with two restaurants in Geneva and Lausanne offers 4 concepts of business lunch. You can choose among European, Asian, African + Middle East or American tasting sets served on the small plates or go with a Lunch Menu de la semaine.


CHF 40
1 Carrefour de Rive, 1207 Genève

A pub run by Jeremy and Laurent with healthy meal. A starter with a main dish or a main dish with a desert will cost at least CHF40. All types of ceviche and some vegan dishes are available.


CHF 30
Choose what you want. Serve wherever you want

What about getting a Moroccan business lunch served at Perle du Lac with a stunning view of Geneva Lake? Possible. NIKSFUDO is a chefs’ food marketplace. It allows you to order homemade food cooked with the freshest ingredients. Order what you want (mostly Asian) wherever you want. Delivery from $50 is free.

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