Where to Go to Pick Up Fruits In Geneva

May 18, 2020 | Geneva

May is a strawberry season in Switzerland. Farmers invite public to take part in traditional berries picking, safe and at the distance because of COVID19 in 2020. However, still very tasty and funny. 

The most popular place close to Geneva is La Frasière in Meyrin. Their strawberry fields are just 150m behind the farm.  Picking up distance is 2 m. To go there you need to contact 022 782 90 58. For those who does not want to work but want to enjoy the taste of berries, owners of the farm also leave small strawberry boxes at the entrance.

La Frasière

Daria visited a strawberry plantation in the canton of Vaud and absolutely enjoyed the taste of fresh strawberries. After picking up 3 kg of berries she recommends this as a great open-air family activity.

Here is a list of fruit and strawberry farms in Vaud.

🍓 NOW! Strawberry 🍓
– Domaine du Priez www.ch-wyss.ch
– Domaine de Barutel www.lafraise.ch
– La Ferme du Taulard www.taulard.ch
– Famille Bourgeois www.famille-bourgeois.ch

🍓June: Strawberry
Vos fraises à cueillir à Mathod www.fraisesacueillir.ch 

🍓June-July: Raspberry, currant, twint  
– La ferme aux framboises www.framboisemathod.ch
– Les Petits Fruits de Bussy www.lespetitsfruitsdebussy.ch
– Guidoux Fruits www.guidoux-fruits.ch
– La Ferme à Gachet www.lafermeagachet.ch

Cherries, currant, raspberries, plums
– Les Vergers www.vergers.ch  

Photo: Daria Chizhova