Molecular Cuisine Beside Geneva Lake

Jun 24, 2018 | Restaurants in Switzerland, Vaud | 0 comments

How could a successful rendezvous look like? Probably it consist of two things amazing food and spectacular show. What if we manage to combine both choosing a fancy molecular cuisine restaurant to have a dinner.

Hidden in a picturesque park of Vevey one-step from Geneva Lake Denis Martin’s haut-cuisine workshop was awarded with a Michelin star for high quality molecular cuisine. Over 47 years of his career, he openly declares freedom of expressing emotions in the process of creating unique meals.

Photo: @restaurantdenismartin

His restaurant offers a unique menu of over 20 surprising dishes. Can you imagine sardine sorbet or molecular fondue  moitié-moitié? The tasting sets are split into menus, which are served from 7 to 17 plates. The prices also vary. The basic set is Menu Plaisir (7 plates) will cost CHF 150. For Menu Evolution, the biggest set of 17 plates, you will have to pay CHF 360.

However, Monsieur Martin’s creativity for sure will charm you. The serving and cooking process might include a spectacular show in the hall, which is possible in English.

Photo: @restaurantdenismartin

Molecular cuisine first time appeared in 1988 when Nicholas Curtis, physicist and Hervé This, physical chemist, introduced the concept of “molecular gastronomy”. Together they learned the science of cooking from A to Z. Since then many leading restaurants found it fancy to follow. This food art impresses the visitors with unpredictable combinations.  Imagine a cold dish transforming into a burning one or a pizza turning into a sweet cake…

Address: Rue du Château 2, 1800 Vevey