The Best Michelin Restaurants In Switzerland

Apr 1, 2018 | Restaurants in Switzerland | 0 comments

Once you say ‘Switzerland’ you probably refer to quality and luxury, while speaking about posh food we definitely mean ‘Michelin’. Despite the fact that 8M alpine country is not well known as a gourmet place it has 118 Michelin starred restaurants. SUISSEPIC discovered some information about that.

Due to Michelin Guide 2018, 96 of Swiss restaurants were awarded with one star, 19 got 2 stars and only three ones are considered to be 3-starred. They are Schloss Schauenstein Restaurant located  in Fürstenau; Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier near Lausanne; and Cheval Blanc at Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel. In 2018 13 restaurants with one star last year have been dropped, and two two-starred restaurants have lost stars.

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier

Dinner: CHF 190-390 

This is the oldest 3* Michelin resaurant in Switzerland, located beside Lake Geneva. It has been holding this iconic title since 1998. Chef Franck Giovannini creates majestic dishes preserving food traditions. The menu is changed each season. There is an extensive selection of Swiss and French wines on the card.

Schloss Schauenstein Restaurant

Dinner: CHF 200-250

This unique restaurant is located in the 12th-century beautiful castle. It offers ‘Haute’ French cuisine. It was opened in 2003 and was awarded with Michelin 3* in 2015. This restaurant has six guest rooms with the breathtaking views to mountains of Graubünden. Its chef Andreas Caminada is the youngest 3* chef in Europe. His cuisine is unique, delicate, playful, precise.

Cheval Blanc (Basel)

Dinner: CHF 98-235

This gourmet restaurant was arranged at Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in the historical centre of Basel beside the river of Rhine. Run by Peter Knogl it was awarded 3* in 2016. It offers Haute French cuisine supplemented by Mediterranean and Asian elements. Here you can also book Le Roi Gourmet option, which includes a sumptuous dinner at the Cheval Blanc restaurant and a night in luxury at the Hotel Les Trois Rois.

About Michelin Stars

1* “A very good restaurant in its category”
2* “Excellent cooking and worth a detour”
3* “Exceptional cuisine and worth the journey”

The red Michelin restaurant guide is published annually in 28 countries. It was originally created in 1900 by Andre Michelin, a co-owner of Michelin Tyre Company, for the drivers to give tips about where to eat in France (as French restaurants of that period were well-known for their poor quality of food).

The Guide gained more and more popularity, so that Andre decided to make constant anonymous inspections of restaurants and rate them due to 3-category basis. This process was illustrated in a movie “L’Aile ou la Cuisse” with Louis de Funès playing main character Charles Duchemin.