Bern: Where to Do Shopping. Areas, Boutiques, Souveniers

Bern, a capital of Switzerland, could be named as one of most beautiful cities. After having a tour around taking a look at the bears and Zytlogge, main cathedral and gardens, you will probably want to enjoy atmosphere of city center doing some shopping. SUISSEPIC got some tips here.

In Bern we recommend you to buy souvenirs, leather, jewelry, shoes, clothes, watches, Swiss knives and chocolate. We recommend to visit at least a famous Läderach store at Marktgasse. It is a chocolate atelier where you can by chocolate bars and candies per piece or 100g.

I remember one day I had a long talk with my colleague from Belgium (if you don’t know chocolate in Belgium is a part of national pride) endlessly giving him arguments for Swiss chocolate. As you understand I could not beat this Leonidas’ lover in our dispute. But I tried hard.


Streets to make shopping in Bern

Bern is known for its endless shopping promenades. You’ll have a great time in the Old Town with its fashionable boutiques, exclusive jewelers, antique dealers and traditional markets. Get ready to walk around 6km. Start beside Zytlogge and do shopping at Spitalgasse, Kramgasse, Postgasse, Marktgasse, Rathausgasse and Gerechtigkeitsgasse. Designer’s pavilions, antique and souvenir stores are located here.

Shopping centers in Bern

Bern’s largest shopping center is located in the Westside in Brunnen. Here you can mix process of buying with relaxing with your family. This center combines 54 clothing and footwear shops, a swimming pool, Bernaqua – Water Park and Spa, a gym, 13 restaurants and 11 movie theaters and a 4* hotel.

Another paradise for shopaholics is the Shoppyland, a shopping center with over 83 clothing stores, consumer electronics, sport and leisure goods, cafes and restaurants.

One of the most popular department stores in Swiss capital is Globus. We previously described this luxury heaven in the article about shopping in Geneva. So, it’s a great place for purchasing new clothes for men, women and kids and other high-quality Swiss products. On the first floor, there is a large supermarket where tourists can buy fresh bread, cheese, and REAL Swiss chocolate (kidding here). Souvenirs, gifts and original handicrafts can be found at Heimatwerk or Holz Art.

Markets in Bern

There are several outdoor markets at Bundesplatz, Barenplatz and Munstergasse. They are open on Tuesdays and Saturdays in summer. Here everybody can buy homemade dairy products, fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, olives and bread; as well as different clothes and gift items. Handcraft market which is called Kunsthandwerkermarkt is located at the Muensterplattform.

After finishing all that, just enjoy autentic ginger beer in one of bars in Old Town. Choose the one which is more relevant to your taste.

Lake Thun Festival

Every summer since 2003 Switzerland hosts international musical event in the canton of Bern. World’s best musical and stage productions are presented at the Lake Thun.

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