What Is It To Be Swiss And Live In Switzerland?

Nov 19, 2018 | ThinkTanks, Zürich | 0 comments

Switzerland is often said to produce best cheeses and chocolate. Beside this it has an exceptional banking system but what else? Daniel from Zurich shares his thoughts with popular QUORA and SUISSEPIC about most common Switzerland-related questions.

We hope you get some fun reading them.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

  • Yes, it’s true, we have some of the absolutely BESTEST cheeses, anywhere.
  • Yes, the Alps are lovely and craggy.
  • No, we don’t all yodel.
  • No, we don’t make cuckoo clocks. That’s our northern neighbours in the Black Forest region of South Germany.
  • No, we aren’t all millionaires. You need to go to Monte Carlo for that. And even there, they aren’t all millionaires.
  • Yes, we speak a load of funny dialects and we are fiercely independent as a matter of principle.
  • No, we aren’t in the EU.
  • No, we aren’t all bankers and we aren’t interested in laundering your money or helping you hide it from the IRS. In fact, we will tell the IRS about your account.
  • Yes, we have one of the best public transport systems in the world, and yes, it’s true – you can set your watch by the trains.
  • We have some seriously good ice-cream (Mövenpick).
  • The police try not to shoot you, which is kind of nice.
  • Yes, pretty much everyone has guns. It’s no big deal. And you’re not a gun nut if you go and shoot at the local shooting range. In fact, if you’re still in the army (mandatory for all Swiss guys in a certain age range), you are obliged to do so. In spite of this, it’s not common that people shoot each other.
  • Yes, the roads are generally incredibly well-maintained and the entire infrastructure is astonishingly well-kept.
  • Chocolate? Yes, we do.