Vibes of Stones: A Story of the Swiss Jewelry Designer

Jan 30, 2018 | Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

Vanessa is a young Swiss jewelry artist. Born in Lugano, she spent 10 years abroad and came back to origins setting the business in Geneva. Her collections combine European beauty of shape simplicity with a charming breath of Asia. She told to SUISSEPIC about her plans, inspiration and special magic of stones.

With her huge artistic background and obvious skills for drawings and paintings, Vanessa had always been passionate about fashion & design and moved her to London to pursue her studies at Central Martins College. Studying she realized that her vocation was in fine jewelry.

 …My strength was into miniature details and small size sculptures led me to graduate into the jewelry design curriculum. I love jewelry as I can express my passion for details and colors into emotional wearable sculptures…


Like every true artist, she looks for symbolic meanings of life and sees them in surrounding objects. For example, the stones with their magical energy and vibrations. Every stone is unique because of its shape, color and powers, which it transfers to a person underlining his or her individual features.

Vanessa says that a process of creating a jewel is tricky as the stones have their specific reactions towards each other and people who wear them. It made me think of my favorite opals. When I try them on, feel calm and happy. Vanessa also uncovered her favorites to me.

“I personally love diamonds for their unique strength and sparkle. In particular pink diamonds, as they have a very delicate watercolor pink shade. It is rare and precious. I also love the Paraiba tourmaline for its intense turquoise blue”.


Every jewel is a choice of a particular person with special understanding of life, feelings and natural instincts. For an artist it’s a great intriguing task to find enough symbolic meanings to cover individual approach of every single client. Vanessa gets inspired from her travels.

“I am inspired by traveling, seeing different aesthetics, designs, cultures, nature, animals and symbolism. I love art and I am very passionate by Asian culture, especially Chinese and Japanese. Anything with vibrant colors attracts me: flowers, stones, candles… They give me the right energy and imagination to create new jewelry designs”.

She starts with the drawings of concepts and learning the stones and materials. After 1.5-4 months of collaborative efforts of goldsmiths and designers a new collection is ready. All of them transfer artist’s passions.

“The ‘Happy Hearts’ is one of the most successful because of the specific heart shape of stones. The ‘Mini Mio’ collection was made of small delicate fun designs that create a story. The ‘Caramella’ collection was born after my obsession with candles and colors and the idea of teasing the public by creating something fun with precious materials. The “Dragon Kiss” and the “Buddha Love” came after my living experience in Asia”.

Vanessa found her clients in Geneva, where she returned after living 10 years abroad. She says that Geneva is a fantastic base for fine jewelry as the customers here appreciate luxury goods and watches. They have a high understanding of the product and its quality. Now she works in Lugano and happy to be in Switzerland.


“I was born in Switzerland and love Switzerland, it feels home. I find my tranquility and discipline here, I get refreshed by nature. Everything is organized and precise and I love it as I love efficiency. Living in Lugano I feel more close to Italian mentality, more relaxed and sunny. I often go to Italy, especially to Milan. I love the style and fashion sense there, their ‘joie de vivre’ and passion for food, fashion and anything beautiful”.

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