Traditional Autumn Fair is Taking place in Basel


Hebrstmesse is a traditional Autumn Fair that annually takes places in Basel. The event will last untill 11th November.

It dates back than 500 years of history is spread over 7 biggest squares of Basel, what makes you think that the Fair holds entire city. Thrilling rides at other attractions will kick the level of your adrenaline.

Panoramic Wheel was installed in the city center to give the option to observe Greater Basel. At Petersplatz you will find a huge range of stalls with various specialities, handicraft items, delicious bites to eat.

Basel Airport is the exit into 3 countries

Switzerland is one of the main transport hubs in Europe. Basel Airport is a transport knot of three countries.

Early Works of Famous Picasso are on Dislplay in Basel

Things to do in Basel. “The young Picasso – Blue and Rose Periods” from February to May 2019.

A Quick Look at The Basel Historical Museum

Basel Historical Museum is a place of endless wonders. Lorenzo, a member of the SUISSEPIC Ambassadors Photo Club, had an opportunity to explore the museum.

Events in Switzerland: Exhibitions to see in Basel in 2019

Basel, the 3rd biggest city in Switzerland and its cultural capital. Discover Top-3 exhibitions to take place in Basel in 2019.

Wonderland Of Light: Illuminarium To Color Zurich And Basel In December 2018

Starting 22nd November visitors of Basel and Zurich can expirience a game of colors and light in the inner courtyard of the Museum der Kulturen Basel and the Landesmuseum Zurich