Swiss Riviera + Chillion Castle

Swiss Riviera of Vevey-Montreux inspired many artists and musicians to create. It was here that Deep Purple recorded their Smoke on the water and Queen created their last hits. Stravinsky and Nabokov used to have walks along the Lake Leman on the famous promenade. 


 Chillion Castle

This castle in particular is a combination of 25 buildings, four courtyards, three great halls, and beautiful bedrooms. All of these buildings are open to the public. This castle became famous thanks to Lord Byron, who wrote “The Prisoner Of Chillon”, a poem about Francois de Bonivard. 

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Vevey (Chaplin monument, embankment, city tour)
Montreux (Freddie Mercury’s moument, Promenade, Casino)
Chillion Castle

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