UNWTO: Tourists spent $17 bn dollars in Switzerland in 2017

According to the latest figures of World Tourism Organization, Europe is the world’s most visited region. More than 672 millions of people visit region every year. They spend around 519 billions of dollars on different activities and things. Asia and America follow with their numbers as of 323 million travelers ($390 bn) and 211 million ones ($326 bn).

Switzerland is still rather popular destination among the Swiss themselves, as well as foreign politicians and tourists from the middle and upper middle classes. Last year, they spent almost $17 bn in the Confederation. However, even with these indicators, according to statistics from the World Tourism Organization, Switzerland occupies only 22nd place in the world.

At the first place and with a large margin are the United States. In the States in 2017, the touristic wallets became easier by $211 bn. Spain ($68 bn), France ($61 bn) and … Thailand follows the USA. This Asian got its $57 bn. Even in the UK, travelers left less – $51 bn. In the southern neighbor of Switzerland – Italy – in 2017, tourists were generous and spent $44 bn. They also brought a lot to its northern neighbour – Germany – around $40 bn.

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