Top Ice Climbing and Mountaineering Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is situated in the heart of the Alps, and is home to some of the world’s largest mountain ranges, with many of the peaks reaching heights over 4,000 meters. These peaks, with the most famous being the Eiger, the Jungfrau, Mönch near Interlaken, and the Matterhorn near Zermatt, provide extensive mountaineering opportunities.

Switzerland offers mountaineers the opportunity to learn the skills of ice climbing via well-protected rock climbs, easily reached glaciers, and many other perfect instructional peaks and training areas. Today, hundreds of climbers ascend Switzerland’s best-known peaks every year. The Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) has more than 90,000 members, as well as dozens of mountaineering schools and guide services scattered across the country. Below are descriptions of a few ice climbing and mountaineering schools in Switzerland. 


Grindelwald SPORTS Mountaineering School

Dorfstrasse 103, 3818 Grindelwald

Founded in 1898, the Grindelwald SPORTS Mountaineering School will teach you the basic techniques and skills for climbing and mountaineering, which you can then utilize on the great Swiss peaks. This school provides personal or group mountaineering programs in accordance with your wishes and demands, including careful pre-trip planning, as well as daily weather and avalanche forecasts. The experienced and talented guides of this school, which have a vast amount experience in rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and canyoning, will facilitate with instructing the key skills needed for mountaineering. All of grindelwaldSPORTS guides have search and rescue skills and medical training, and will accompany you safely and competently up the mountains. This school, its courses, and its guides are all you need to become the complete alpinist and to enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

Frost Guiding

Established in 2007, UK’s Frost Guiding offers guided alpine mountaineering courses for climbers of all levels, at classic alpine peaks like Mont Blanc, the Eiger and the Matterhorn. All of the courses are staffed by experienced and qualified mountain guides that will help you develop the skills necessary to climb up the mixed terrain and alpine ice. The courses are fairly flexible, taking into account an individual’s aims and needs. Here, you can also learn how to put on crampons as well as how to lead your own ice climbs. Frost Guiding is a great choice for beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals of mountaineering, or for experienced climbers wanting to learn the latest techniques or simply want to review their alpine skills.


Mammut Alpine School

Birren 5, 5703 Seon

The Mammut Alpine School has a variety of ice climbing courses and instructions on mountaineering for individuals, as well as for pre-formed groups with similar fitness levels and expectations. Individuals with no previous alpine experience can learn how to climb under the direction of one the school’s highly motivated, experienced, and qualified guides, who will utilize and practice techniques according to your preferences and abilities. They will also share with you the tips and tricks within the fascinating world of mountaineering. You will obtain all the climbing and mountaineering skills you need in order to independently plan and carry out your alpine adventure safely and successfully. This school will make your mountaineering experience an exciting and educational reward.

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