Top Geneva Startups to Have a Look at

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Startups | 0 comments

Lake Leman area to be the startup leader in Switzerland with Geneva Lausanne as international centers of technological and bio innovations. Startups based in Geneva – Montreux area could rise almost CHF 1,7m which is almost twice as big as the Zurich ones.

Let us have a look at the interesting Geneva based startups. 

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic



Gmelius is a new kind of CRM software integrated Gmail box. It transforms your inbox into a workplace platform by adding a host of features like email sharing, a building emails with templates, email tracking and real-time syncing across all team members and devices. It is available for the Safari, Opera, Google Chrome. More than 150,000 professionals use this application every day.



Foxstone is a full web-based platform specializing in real estate crowd-funding. It allows private investors with minimum CHF 25,000 to become co-owners of residential buildings and real estate development projects located in Switzerland in exchange for quarterly net rental income or return from the acquired shares of the real estate property. The platform guarantees total transparency by disclosing commissions and fees related to real estate transactions.



e-Potek is a young fintech startup in the mortgage industry. This online platform helps get a mortgage loan quicker and easier allowing future homeowners to find the best mortgage offers of all the lenders on the market in just a few clicks. e-Potek’s customers are private individuals, brokers and property developers, who use the extensive features of the platform.



Foodetective is a global cloud-based platform designed for restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, bakeries, butchers, food stands, juice and salad bars located in such cities like Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Paris, London, New York and San Francisco. This foodtech helps all food and beverage providers design, set up and manage reservations, mobile delivery and takeaway orders, payments, catering, accounting, payroll, queue management and supply control.