Top Five Startups in Zurich to Have a Look At in 2020

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Startups | 0 comments

Every year more than 300 startups in the field of medical, biological, digital, blockchain and finance technologies are founded in Switzerland. About 30% of them are coming from in Zurich. Zurich’s startup ecosystem ranks as the first one in Switzerland and 53rd in the world.

IT-giants like Google and IBM have their offices in Zurich as well as the banks like UBS and Credit Suisse. Zurich is one of the top educational hubs in Europe with more than 20 universities including the renowned University of Zurich and ETH.

Here are some startups to look out for in 2020.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic



DeepCode is a free platform based on the artificial intelligence and machine learning. It was developed by ex-software engineers from Google and IBM. DeepCode reviews new programs, identifies and analyzes their critical coding bugs and vulnerabilities, and advise how to improve them. 



Daedalean is an autonomous autopilot software that will be able to replace the human pilot. This Swiss startup was launched by ex-Google and ex-SpaceX engineers. To make such autopilot system work, the computer vision and artificial intelligence are used. It enables fully autonomous flight control for aircraft and drones. The first autopilot software is planned to put to market in 2021.

Komed Health


Komed Health is an encrypted and secured real-time messaging application for doctors and nurses. It allows them to access and share medical information, take informed decisions faster and improve care. This single integrated platform also simplifies communication and collaboration among health-care workers and patients. It works on any kind of mobile handheld device as well as on desktop computers.

Covee Network


Covee Network is a blockchain-based platform allowing knowledge workers to find teammates from around the world and collaborate on the projects ranging from cancer research to fashion design. Through the platform, employers and employees can interact with each other via smart contracts. Using the blockchain technology, it also insures fair reward distribution and establishes a trusted environment for remote collaboration.

Swiss Crypto Exchange


Swiss Crypto Exchange is an online-based exchange application of cryptocurrencies and block-chain products. It offers its customers to trade safely Bitcoin, Ether and other utility tokens. This platform provides with an easy access cryptocurrency payments and assets as well as secured associated transactions at any point in time.