The Story Of a Russian Artist in Geneva

Aug 7, 2018 | Fine art | 0 comments

Daria, a student at the University of Geneva and an artist. She creates modern art on textile and paper and performs at a theatre studio. Three and a half years ago, Daria decided to change her life and move from Moscow to Geneva. SUISSEPIC has been given the opportunity to tell her story.

All her life, Daria has been involved in art-related activities. Since childhood, she attended various art studios in Moscow, including a workshop put on by the famous painter Andrey Volkov.

Daria graduated from Moscow State University as an art historian, and has worked in this capacity at various galleries and museums. Conceptual work transformed into practicalities, and while working as a florist and making textile dolls, Daria was continuing to draw.

Photo: Daria Grigorieva

This young lady has created a vision of her own, bravely integrating an array of colors into her works, and allowing her to express her love for the diversity of life.

“I see life is bright and try to show my love to the diversity of life in all meanings. I observe nature, simple things, food, objects, and choose things that I can transform through my point of view”.

With her artistic vision, Daria’s works have been shown at exhibitions in Montreux, Moscow, and Milan, with future exhibitions planned in Geneva and Cuba.

Photo: Daria Grigorieva

Daria’s story in Geneva began when she spent 4 days in February of 2015. The experience gave her a great opportunity to compare the snowless warm winters along Lake Geneva with Moscow’s grey puddles along its roads as well as the mountains of snow that blanket the landscape. Good weather, serenity, and the international spirit of Geneva motivated Daria to explore new possibilities in another country. Since moving to Geneva, Daria has also been learning psychology at the University of Geneva (UNIGE).

“Switzerland gives me a lot of inspiration. I do not appreciate metropolis life and prefer to be in small nice places. Geneva is a perfect city for me. I will never forget my first day here. It was a nice sunny day in April. I was walking around, drawing, drawing, and drawing.”

Theater, dance, and traveling are other aspects that take up part of Daria’s life. She performs at the Theatre Studio “BELOE”, does Latin-American social dances, and explores the areas around Lake Geneva.

“I’m a great fan of this city. I like Jonction, Plainpalais, and the Botanic Gardens. In Switzerland, I prefer the French part – Vevey and the Lavaux region”.

Illustrations are privided by the artist Daria Grigoryeva