Top Tennis Schools in Geneva and Bern

In the country where Roger Federer is a national hero, tennis for sure should be among one of the most popular sports. Swiss tennis schools are famous for their experienced coaches, nutritional experts and tennis programs. Have a look at the list of the ones in Bern and Geneva.

Tennis in Geneva

My Way Tennis Academy

Chemin François-Chavaz 110, 1213 Onex

My Way Tennis Academy is one of the newest tennis academies in Geneva. Located at the Centre Intercommunal de Sports, Loisirs et Nature des Evaux, this academy was established by Monika Maj, a certified Swiss tennis coach and former 3-time Swiss Junior Champion. A wide range of programs are offered at this tennis academy, including full-time programs, holiday programs, and summer programs. At My Way Tennis Academy, study groups are made in accordance with the level of experience and the age of the participants. The Academy provides exceptional services and focuses on the results of every player, whether you have just taken up the game, or are looking to make a career on the professional circuit. The Academy offers flexibility at all levels when it comes to training and practice requirements, including professional, full-time, junior performance players, and beginners.

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Tennis in Bern

Roni’s Tennis School

Mettlenwaldweg 19, 3037 Herrenschwanden

Roni’s Tennis School, which is run by former top players in Bern, helps tennis players realize their potential, improve their skills, and achieve high results. This tennis school focuses on perfecting technique, ensuring compliance with set objectives, providing training plans for each player, and physical and psychological development. This school provides players with new, private, and exceptional facilities, a coaching team with years of experience, and is certified by the most prestigious world organizations. You can join the Roni’s Tennis School any time of the year.

Michel Kratochvil Tennis Academy Club

Dennigkofenweg 122, 3072 Ostermundigen

Michel Kratochvil Tennis Academy Club was founded by former tennis player and a member of the Swiss Davis Cup Team, Michel Kratochvil. The Academy offers training programs for young professionals and future players, as well as weekly group lessons, private and semi-private lessons, and camps during the holidays for all levels and ages. The Academy is also open year-round, and each player can train at his or her level for any length of time. With its superb facilities, this is the perfect place to train, and the professional coaches will help develop and enhance all aspects of the player to become successful, including technique, footwork, fitness, peak performance, nutrition, and strategy.

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Top Tennis Schools in Geneva and Bern

In the country where Roger Federer is a national hero, tennis for sure should be among one of the most popular sports. Have a look at the list of tennis schools in Bern and Geneva.

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