Top 50 Blockchain Companies From Switzerland Cost $44 bn

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Today, there are more than 600 blockchain companies operating in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, with the total staff of about 3,000 employees. The total market capitalization of the biggest 50 is estimated to constitute USD 44 bln.

The information is provided by PwC, inacta and CV VC, an investment company based in Zug, that prepared the business rating of Crypto Valley.

The TOP-5 companies – Bitmain, Cardano, Dfinity, Ethereum and Xapo – have a capitalization of USD 1 bln, with Texos and Dfinity having attracted investments that amount to millions of dollars.

Imagine that according to PwC, two or three years ago, there were no more than 15 companies in the blockchain sector of Switzerland.

The blockchain businesses based in Crypto Valley provide a wide array of useful solutions, starting from medical technology to data analysis and digital government technology. There are many experts in trading, broker services, and platform and protocol development among them as well.

The information in the article is provided by Switzerland Global Enterprise.

Photo: @anna_di_81