Switzerland Faced Startups Foundations Crush in April 2020

by | May 12, 2020 | Startups | 0 comments

Coronavirus #COVID-19 crisis had a negative impact on the number of companies new registered in Switzerland in April 2020. The number of new born businesses reduced by 920 compared with April 2019 and 1008 fewer than in March 2020.

According to STARTUPS.CH, with 2732 foundations April 2020 turned out to become an absolute minimum since 2013 when STARTUPS.CH started to track this data.

French-speaking Switzerland was the most vulnerable. The number of new startups here dropped by 48%, in Ticino by 28.85%, in German part by 17.30%.

They also mention that small cantons also faced negative effects by remain more stable.

Source: startups.ch