How to Make Your Own Watch In Geneva

Apr 3, 2018 | Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

I was walking among the galleries and small boutiques at Grand Rue in the old town of Geneva and paid attention to a small door with a sign Make your watch. I stopped thinking on how lovely it might be to visit a world’s capital of watchmaking and take your own Swiss watch back home.

SUISSEPIC had a talk with Mathieu Gigandet, a founder of Initium, the first watchmaking startup in Geneva. He and his classmates who studied Entrepreneurship (MA) and did not have that much experience in watchmaking, once decided to take a risk and set up this kind of business. In 2017 it came true. Since November 2017 they have their own workshop in Geneva.

“During our studies, we had to work on an “imaginary” project. When we launched Initium, my experience in watchmaking was almost zero. However it was quickly filled with the knowledge of Project Management from A to Z. We also contacted a lot of enthusiasts in watchmaking. They participate in our courses and many readings related to this exciting field in all aspects”.
Mathieu Gigandet, Founder of Initium

Photo: Initium

Today Initium offers half-day master classes on assembling watches every month. During this event you will get some theoretical knowledge about the industry, and will be inspired by movements, jewels, and all the fancy bric-a-bracs which you never knew before. The price for a class on assembling a movement starts from CHF 350, as for a mechanical watch you have to pay CHF 1,690. Of course it is not low, but when you deal with luxurious parts of the watches you understand and accept it.

Photo: Initium

Mathieu says that Initium’s concept already proved its workability among the locals and now they are focused on the tourists visiting Switzerland.

“Geneva is a hotspot for Swiss tourism and we want to make this concept known among tourists visiting Switzerland”

They offer all-inclusive packages for watch enthusiasts. So once you visit the class you will go back with a watch in your pocket. Isn’t it a better idea than just visiting a fancy boutique to spend time choosing a proper model for you? You will have a unique chance to create your own character of the watch. The Initum is active on social media and they post classes schedule in the cities of Gebertingen, Le Noirmont and Geneva. Innovations and people whom Mathieu meets during his travels (having crossed half of the world, he obviously loves travelling) influence his ideas.