How Swiss Landscapes Inspired to Become a Drone Photographer

Nov 28, 2017 | Ticino | 0 comments

Fabio lives in Lugano, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Having artistic paths in his passionate Italian soul, and taking inspiration from the astonishing beauty of Switzerland, he changed his trade as an electrician and became a professional photographer. In 2017 he founded a small company, which specializes in aerial photography.

Fabio told SUISSEPIC that now he has a strong belief about making a go of this new profession, as it satisfies his own dreams and nature. Photography has always been among his passions, and because he wanted to offer new solutions in this area, he bought some drones to start the business.

Today his drones effectively fly across the canton of Ticino, performing industrial, rural and natural filmmaking and photoshooting. 


Having scrolled through the pictures published in Fabio’s Instagram, I can definitely see some music in the way that he sees the landscapes: their lines and shapes. My impression of this young creative man is correct, and he confirms it when explaining his love of photography.

“My passion was born during the various tours I’ve done around the world with my bands, playing as a drummer. I visited the United States, Canada, Europe and some areas of Asia and enjoyed myself. I visited many places, but found real magic and inspiration only in Switzerland”, Fabio says.

Yes, Fabio, I can easily agree here – that Swiss beauty is an everlasting source of inspiration for a photographer, as well as for others, those who have a creative profession.