Five Summer Swiss Camps To Learn Foreign Languages Close to Geneva

Jun 13, 2018 | Education in Switzerland, Geneva | 0 comments

With four national languages and shared borders with Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein Switzerland is a perfect place to learn languages and different cultures. Summer camp is the best way to train your language skills very fast. We made a list of language camps beside Geneva. 

College Du Leman Summer Camp

74, Route de Sauvergny 74, 1290 Versoix, Switzerland

College Du Leman Summer Camp is an international summer camp for boys and girls (8-18) located in Versoix. It is aimed to improve your English and French. It also offers special programms for those who wish to practice robotics or computer programming as well as sports. The classes are held in small groups according to the level of knowledge.

The Genius program is for kids and teens who love science, computer programming and robotics. It is possible to make experiments at scientific labs or participate in a model of the United Nations.

The Action program is for active and creative children and covers the classes on drama, music or art. Various sports activities are also available. Kids can go into football, basketball, biking, climbing, dancing, volleyball, swimming, tennis and golf. They can also try juggling, trapeze or trampolines.

The Masters program is a well-balanced combination of both Genius and Action Programs. Kids can easily mix Genius’ activities with Action’s ones whenever they want. They can change their activities from one week to another or to keep the same activities during the whole stay.

Lemania Summer Camp

Chemin de Préville 3, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland 

Lemania Summer Camp is a camp for children and teens (14-25), located in Lausanne. It offers intensive language programs, various sports and cultural activities. Among them there are visiting the United Nations Office in Geneva, Olympic Museum, Adventure Park, Aquasplash, the Chillon Castle, laser games, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, go-kart racing, ice-tobogganing, labyrinth adventures, BBQs, dancing, paint-ball, swimming, sailing, windsurfing and paddling, as well as trips to Bern, France, and shopping. There are different classes on dancing, music, drama and cooking.

Lemania’s native English-speaking tutors will prepare you to IELTS and give you the chance to pass the exam.


St. George’s International Summer Camp

19, Chemin de St-Georges, 1815 Clarens-Montreux

St. George’s International School Summer Camp is an ideal place for adventurous kids and teenagers aged 3-18 with a focus on languages and outdoor activities. This camp is located close to Montreux, in the most picturesque area of Lake Geneva. It offers a great variety of summer courses in English, French or German. Among other activities there are dancing, drama, sports, arts, crafts

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

Les Elfes International Summer Camp

Les Elfes International, 1936 Verbier

Les Elfes is an international camp for kids and teens of 7-18 years located in Verbier. It offers exciting programs with over 40 activities, sports, art, music, drama, cooking, all combined with language lessons, cultural excursions and adventure trips.

Special courses on leadership and career orientation are also available.

As for sports, here students can play football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, basketball, squash, badminton, and swim. It also provides water skiing, water tubing, hiking, mountain biking, arts and crafts, yoga, ice-skating, horseback riding, golfing and more.

If your child loves football, you can register him/her at FC Barcelona Camp. The best coaches and football players act as professional teachers here.

If your child is eager to do watersports, Lake Camp is a great place to do that. All types of water activities are offered here such as sailing, water skiing, tubing and other water sports.

Mountain camp is for children who enjoy all types of mountain activities such climbing, biking, hiking and abseiling. Campers have a wonderful opportunity to experience and develop their skills in numerous activities in the Alps.