Swiss Coffee Culture

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Every day over 1,400 million cups of coffee are drunk in the world. One of the leaders in terms of the rate of coffee consumption is Switzerland, with an average Swiss having 5 cups a day or 1,200 cups a year.

Even with a lack of coffee bean trees Switzerland has a great culture of coffee production, being a homeland of the headquarters of many international brands such as Volcafé, Nestlé and Kraft Foods and counting coffee industry as of 1% of GDP.

Switzerland is the one of the ten largest countries importing coffee in the world. Around 2,600,000 60KG bags of green coffee beans are delivered annually from India, Africa, Indonesia, South and Central America. And these numbers continuously grow. About 33,000 t are processed and re-exported in the form of soluble coffee. The Swiss know all the secrets of grain processing.  After they pass through high-tech manufacturing methods which give a final product its unforgettable rich taste and aroma.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

Famous Swiss coffee brands

Nescafe is the most famous and recognizable Swiss coffee brand in the world. The name Nescafe is a combination of the first three letters of Nestlé (Vevey) and the word ‘café’. Nescafe was first introduced in Switzerland in 1938. Nescafe is the first coffee brand to have reached the moon, after it accompanied the crew on the Apollo 11. Nescafe Red Mug is a popular and unmistakable icon.

Another coffee achievement of Nestlé is world famous Nespresso. It has a headquarters in Lausanne, employing 12,000 people around the globe. The entire Nespresso system – the interaction of the original Nespresso aluminum capsule with the genuine Nespresso machine. 

Mövenpick is included in the top 50 of the most popular and best-selling coffee brands in the world. Mövenpick was founded in Zurich in 1948. Mövenpick has been perfecting the art of coffee preparation for over 70 years. Mövenpick belongs to the two giants, the Swiss company Merkur Kaffee AG and the German company J.J.Darboven. The selected and carefully processed Mövenpick coffee is made to an original Swiss recipe.

SIROCCO is a Swiss coffee brand founded by the company “A.KUSTER SIROCCO AG” in 1908. The company received the certificate of Max Havelaar for its high quality of coffee production. This brand boast its smooth roasting, rich flavor and unforgettable taste of coffee.

EGOISTE is a coffee brand of the highest quality, produced at the plants of Switzerland and Germany up to strict European standards by Swiss HACO Ltd. It is made from Arabica mixed with crystal glacial alpine water in accordance with the special In-Fi technology which is about placing Arabica inside crystals of instant coffee.