Swiss Musicians: Sweet Cee

Feb 13, 2019 | Interviews, Music | 0 comments

While surfing the social networks, I contacted a talented young singer and songwriter from Switzerland named Cee. Her sweet voice has previously harmonized the audience at TEDxZurich. With her Brazilian routes, Cee is able to passionately transform her emotions into enchanting songs.

Meet Cee.

SUISSEPIC: Who is the mysterious singer named Cee?

Cee: I am a 17-year-old Swiss/Brazilian singer and songwriter. I recently finished recording my very first extended play (EP), a mini album. All of the songs are original and written by me. I’m really excited about this release!

SUISSEPIC: When did you start singing? Do you remember your first song and your first stage experience?

Cee: I have been singing my whole life, whether it was as a child in the car, or performing on the stage in front of an audience. My first song was called Dream. When I was younger, I had taken guitar lessons, but could not devote a lot time to it because I was figure skating simultaneously. About two or three years ago, I stopped skating and picked up the guitar again. Soon afterwards, I wrote my first song. I fell in love with it and kept at it. My first concert was in Basel at the Concours Suisse de Musique pour la Jeunesse, for which I received an award. I love being on stage and sharing what I believe in through my songs. This is where I truly feel myself.

Photo: @Miranda McDonald

SUISSEPIC: You write and sing. How do the lyrics come to mind?

Cee: Sometimes, I will have a thought come to mind. When I speak it out, the melody comes with it. I will then repeat it a hundred times, grab a guitar or reach for a keyboard, and try to find the chords that will go with it. I will try to sing along, and the lyrics will slowly come to life, in sync with the music. Of course, there is a lot to improve, but I make sure to record and write down everything. Sometimes, I will find old lyrics or a recording of an old melody that I previously composed and turn it into something new. I have pages and pages of lyrics and ideas that have not seen the light of day…yet!

SUISSEPIC: What type of genre do you perform?

Cee: Since I sing and write my own songs on the guitar and piano, I would say that my genre is folk-pop. I also love to cover songs of various genres from different eras. I am always up for something new that allows me to incorporate the genre into my songs.

SUISSEPIC: What inspires you?

Cee: Life. Human relationships. Everything. While these are the things that can break us, they are the things that make us feel alive.

SUISSEPIC: What has been your biggest performance so far?

Cee: My biggest performance was probably singing at TEDxZurich in November 2017. The theme of the event was Opening Doors. For me, it was opening a door for myself, and a great honor to perform two of my own songs to an attentive audience. I also had the opportunity to speak a little about what I believe in and how I incorporate it into my songs. I keep this wonderful memory close to my heart.

Photo: @Miranda McDonald

SUISSEPIC: Are you in currently in school? How are you able to balance your studies with music?

Cee: I am finishing up high school at the International Baccalaureate. The workload can be quite overwhelming, and it can be tricky to juggle my studies and music, along with life in general. Music is really something that I could not live without, and I try to play as much as I can, jamming out through the night at home whenever I have a moment. The awesome thing is that I can pick up my guitar or sit down at the piano when I have too much on my mind. It is a perfect way to cool off and let my thoughts wander. This often leads to a new song.

SUISSEPIC: Do you have any hobbies? What about sports?

Cee: I actually use to be a competitive figure skater at the national level, which was a major part of my life for over 10 years. This changed mostly due to injury but allowed me to realize that I was more about creating things, my eternal passion for music, and taking the stage. My sporting years built me up as a person, and I am very grateful for such opportunities. It is through some of the tough times that have taught me a lot – life is an adventure and having the discipline to push forward is what I will carry along this journey.

Photo: @Miranda McDonald

SUISSEPIC: Do your family and friends support you?

Cee: I am lucky to have parents that have been supportive of my endeavors. They will listen anytime and are really enthusiastic and critical at times when it matters the most. I know I can count on them and that is priceless. The same goes for my friends. I honestly could not do any of this without them. Again, these people are the relationships in my life, and they are the biggest part of my inspiration.

SUISSEPIC: Do you like to travel? 

Cee: I absolutely love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit places all over the world. My travels have been about meeting new people, tasting foods, and listening to all kinds of music! This goes back to nurturing human contact and seeing different things that can feed my mind and heart for inspiration.

SUISSEPIC: Are there any Swiss cities that you like the most and why?

Cee: Geneva I guess, but that is because this is where I grew up. It is my home. I feel grateful for how beautiful this place can be when one opens up their mind and heart. If you take the time to stop, look around, and take it all in, you’ll find all forms of inspiration here.

Cee’s first EP was issued with the guidance and talent of producer Yvan Bing at Kitchen Studio in Geneva