SUISSEPIC And Salt Consulting To Promote Creative Women In Switzerland

May 28, 2019 | Fempreneurship | 0 comments

SUISSEPIC & Salt Consulting & Communications Ltd., together with the 4300-member network Woman Rock Switzerland, are delighted to announce a new media partnership designed to highlight creative women entrepreneurs in Switzerland!

At SUISSEPIC we are creating a library of interesting FEMPRENEURSHIP stories. We want to tell International Switzerland and the world about great women living and working in this diverse and beautiful country. We hope that our short interviews about how women found their inspiration and their mission can motivate you, our followers, as well.

The articles will be featured on the new FEMPRENEURSHIP section of the SUISSEPIC Platform

There has been a surge in the number of women in Switzerland who create their own working life, through entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration, creating charity projects and NGOs, community building, and the arts. Along with tremendous freedom and accelerated learning, the entrepreneurial path can be isolated and lonely. Through events, clients, and their networks, both Denise Nickerson and Michelle Guiliano were repeatedly approached with requests to lead a national group for women.  In 2017 they decided to take a leap – and at the end of November Women Rock Switzerland was born. Today – less than 2 years later, they have a thriving network of over 4300 members! Each woman in the network has her own story to share, which is why SuissePic has become a network media partner.

SUISSEPIC is a media project about Switzerland and people who live, work and travel there, started in 2017 as a social media community on Instagram. It unites more than 20,000 young social entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and photographers. Website has become a media platform for sharing stories, photos, experiences and emotions about Switzerland. As of 2018 SUISSEPIC has 50 independent authors from different Swiss cantons as well as abroad.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

Women Rock Switzerland represents women from over 60 countries, each with her network both inside and outside of Switzerland. Because the women in the group have so many ties to other countries, it also provides exciting opportunities for those members who are scaling up their businesses to reach new markets. There are women making every professional choice possible in the group; corporate leaders, academics, stay-at-home mothers, lawyers, doctors, and of course entrepreneurs. What is inspiring in the group culture is the entrepreneurial spirit of self-starters, and the people who embrace technology and innovation, care about quality of life, and who are passionate about making a positive impact.

Salt Consulting & Communications Ltd. is a Geneva-based boutique consultancy working globally with multinationals, UN Organizations, SMEs, startups, artists, writers, NGO and association leaders. Their sports-related human development program for coaches has been approved by FIFA, Swiss Olympic, and other North American and European organizations to allow for coaching recertification in all sports. The founders work as coaches and consultants for teams and individuals, workshop facilitation, custom training programs, and event support. They are public speakers too! Michelle is a former Ivy League coach and Denise is the author of Education Guide Switzerland (2012, 2014).

Photo: Michelle, & Denise (Salt Consulting)

We all hope you will enjoy discovering personal stories of women creating their working lives and thriving in Switzerland through this collaboration!

Maria (SuissePic), Michelle, & Denise (Salt Consulting)