How a Spanish Singer discovered the Swiss Musical Culture

SUISSEPIC continues to discover talents. Today, we would like to introduce you a young Spanish pop singer Sweet Ross. She lives in Geneva and prepares to perform in mid-2019.

I contacted Sweet Ross on social media. I was impressed with her beautiful smile and her being able to express herself emotionally through her music.

Sweet Ross, known as Saioa Pérez, is a Spanish singer from the Basque city of Bilbao. Saioa caught the eye of Spanish producer Carlos Jean, and in 2012, was chosen for Coca Cola TV Spot. Her song “Generation” remained at the top of the radio charts throughout the summer as well as on iTunes.

Saioa inherited her passion for music from her mother’s side of the family, where all members of the family play various instruments. Saioa herself enjoys experimenting with her two guitars, combining Spanish melodies and popular rhythms, and incorporating her sweet, angelic voice. Like me, you can find Saioa on her YouTube channel as well as on iTunes, allowing one to enjoy such musical compositions.


Why did Sweet Ross come to Switzerland? Like everybody, to work. However, Sweet Ross admits that she is enjoying the various genres of music, from soul and R&B, to alternative, pop, and rock. Saioa is also traveling to see hundreds of festivals that are being held in the different cantons of Switzerland. The closest festival to Geneva is the famous Paleo. Over the course of 6 days, this event attracts top celebrities, more than 250 shows, and 250,000 music lovers.

Living in Switzerland for some years, becoming cultured on the Swiss way of life, and meeting various people, Sweet Ross says that the Swiss easily accept different musical styles. They got used to it because of the great influence of immigrants. Of course, each generation prefers the musical style(s) that fit with a particular time period. However, the majority of Swiss, regardless their age, enjoy rock-style music.

“[The] Swiss musical culture is rich because of the immigration influence, but on the whole it is very rock-stylish. Since I live here, I follow the Eurovision Contest to see who is representing the country”, Sweet Ross says. For Sweet Ross, she plays in a funky, soul reggae band in Geneva and hope to start performing in mid-2019. For now she has a small studio at home and sends out demos to producers.

As a creative individual, Saioa knows that the most important thing is to be happy and be inspired. For those reasons, she takes her guitars and the creativity flows like an everlasting river with new melodies. Music should always be around, so if Saioa is not playing by herself, she spends time rehearsing with her band, goes out with friends, travels, or is doing a photo shoot.

What else? Of course, this bright individual loves people, and is easily inspired when learning about new cultures, which are spread all over Geneva.

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