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Social media is one of the most influential channels of modern communication. Content moderation, publication of positive comments, and competitions are the keys to increasing a client’s loyalty to a brand or business.

Social Media with SUISSEPIC

SUISSEPIC is an influential social media project. We unite more than 23,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. Our Team analyze client’s needs. Quickly we pick up relevant social media channels to perform the best promotion for your brand or business. We analyze your influence growth while you enjoy an increase of your clients’ number. 

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Social analysis

Everything starts from the strategy!

Our team acquires knowledge about the client’s needs and picks the social media that are relevant to their business or brand.

We create a content plan and regularly update it with you

Interesting Social Media content will stimulate the clients to buy and share their opinions through social media. The more interesting content that is created, the more influential the client is online and in actuality.

Social Media Management

We are responsible for content publishing

It is very important for a client to review their content properly, manage comments, and answer any questions from prospective individuals.


Staying on constant contact with the client keeps ideas fresh and their targets up-to-date.

Social Monitoring

Asking yourself how to improve your Social Media Content? How to see as many comments about your brand as possible?

We know that. Thanks to modern social media tools and our knowledge!

Our team works hard at finding great monitoring tools that will ensure that the social media campaign is working effectively. It is important to keep track of things like engagements and the popularity of posts so that the team knows how to improve them.


Bloggers or Instagrammers become more and more popular. It even may seem that they take a place of traditional media. Interested in becoming popular through the mouth of popular bloggers and influencers?

Ask us how!

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