Dance Story Of Sasha Riva Expressed Through Body

Aug 16, 2018 | Geneva Dance Projects | 0 comments

SUISSEPIC and Geneva Dance Events would like to introduce Sasha Riva, an American ballet dancer who has sparkled on stage in Hamburg, Germany. Since August 2016, Sasha has been a member of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève in Geneva, Switzerland. We had the opportunity to talk to Sasha about his career and his passion for dance.

Young and vibrant, Sasha expresses his affection for living in different countries through a special vision of dance. Born in the United States of America, Sasha was raised in Italy where he had the opportunity to enjoy a strong connection with life in Southern Europe. Since 2011, Sasha has studied classical ballet at the School of the Hamburg Ballet. Under the careful eye of the famous John Neumeier, Sasha started to practice contemporary variations of dance. In 2016, Sasha brought his vision of dance to Switzerland.

“For me dance is the possibility to express an emotion, a situation, an image, or a story through the movements of our body. With its abstraction, dance is yet for me a more concrete and strong way of communication”.

Photo: Gregory Batardon

The feeling of being on stage is special, and the success of any performance is based on a variety of traits. According to Sasha, there are four key characteristics that make a performance truly successful:

Sometimes we dance for entertainment that makes our audience enjoy beautiful dancing. Another time, it is more to represent something, or connect with audience, making them feel the story you show them. I think concentration, belief, sincerity and the quality of dance are among the main parts of success.

Sasha’s dance is a reflection of his life, filled with joy and excitement, and one cannot help but feel a strong emotional connection through his characters that are expressed on stage.

“For me to dance is to be really myself. I found with it the best way to express, and it makes me feel alive. I love to dance”

In March 2017, this talented dancer received the International Award of Merit from artistic director Mauro de Candia during the Gala Tersicore in Italy.