Popular Chinese restaurants in Geneva

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Geneva. Enjoy little China at your table trying noodles or dumplings, authentic Peking duck or stir frying.

Lòu one

Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, 1201 Geneva

Luxurious Chinese Restaurant in the heart of Geneva, at the same building with Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva. It offers authentic Chinese dishes and sauces for more than 25 years already. The atmosphere created by decorations inside will bring you to the heart of Asia with a wonderful view to Geneva Lake.


Le Tsé Fung

Route de Lausanne 301 Bellevue, Geneva

One of Geneva’s finest Chinese restaurants is Le Tse Fung. Located at Hotel La Reserve, it is the first Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in Switzerland. The restaurant offers Lake and Mont Blanc views, a cozy ambiance. Try mouthwatering Dim sum, Peking duck or crispy beef masterfully prepared by a chef.

Pekin Palace

Rue des Alpes 22, Geneva

Pekin Palace is a cozy restaurant in the heart of the city of Geneva. You can try rice noodles, hot dumplings Siu-Mai or the home-made shredded smoked chicken. However the special thing about Pekin Place is their Peking Duck. The menu of Peking duck includes roasted duck skin, duck soup, fired duck in black bean sauce, shredded duck sautéed with soda sprouts and portion of fried rice.


Le Thé

Rue de Bains, 68, Geneva
To have a dim sum experience try a small and cozy Chinese restaurant, Le Thé. Dim sum will surprise you with their shapes and fillings. They can be round, square, money bag, spring rolls, fried or vapor cooked, filled with beef, chicken, shrimp, fish or vegetables. This restaurant offers a huge selection of teas separated by color (green, white, black, yellow, red) and origin. There is even a special “rare teas” section at a fair price.


Rue Chaponnière 3, Geneva

Hungky restaurant close to Notre Dame Basilica, the main Roman Catholic Church in Geneva, is a good place to have dinner with family or friends. This Chinese restaurant offers authentic dim sum, soups, noodles and roasted duck. Their special dishes are steamed pork and vegetable dumplings or Vietnamese chicken spring rolls, and sweet and sour chicken served with rice.



Rue de Lausanne 56, Geneva

Jiawei is one the best Chinese restaurants in Geneva. They specialize in cooking authentic fresh Chinese noodles. Their best dishes are the spicy fish soup, beef noodle soup, orange duck and pine nut fish. In addition, they also offer Asian specialties including Taiwanese bubble tea or beef ragout made in Sichuan regional style.