Out of time. Art Universe of Patrick Boussignac

Magical vision of human spirit will be presented by French artist Patrick Boussignac at Cité du Temps from 2 June to 1 July 2018. SUISSEPIC was greatly impressed by maestro’s oils and decided to have a small talk about his unique concept of art.

L’espace temps immobile” is a name of the exhibition. It is aimed to become your mystical journey to a great variety of aesthetic destinations in the unique world created by a sensitive soul. Elegantly spanning time and space, the exquisite pictures satisfy delicate desires and infectious curiosity. There appear to be no boundaries to the fantasy, that takes mythological and modern contexts in its stride.

“I would like my art to be no longer considered just as art but also be thought upon as a partial reflection on our civilizations and what we once were”
Patrick Boussignac

@Patrick Boussignac

Patrick Boussignac is an artist by nature. With a smile he describes his unique perception of reality as “sunglasses protecting from the hardness of the world, showing its beauty”. He studied painting techniques of 18, 19 and 20 centuries and developed an artistic universe based on traditional canons.

“I try to be timeless and universal. I admit that my technic is really classical however the backgrounds of my paintings are liberal and follow the evolution of the minds”, Patrick says.

Learning him more and more, I am interested in the source of inspiration and the maestro undoubtedly speaks about women here.

“Art, women and sexuality are strongly connected. It was since 60s, when you could see a perfect naked woman only in the museums. My early works I also consider as a gate to erotism”.

Patrick Boussignac’s universe is confident and enticing, as a stained-glass to the Gothics for modern art. Nostalgia mingles comfortably with futurism. A rich color palette, often complemented by luminosity, is a feast for the eyes. Visitors will find themselves moved to exotic worlds and then will be brought back “home” by something as pure and simple as a soothing Buddha, or a relatively realistic rendition of the Eiffel Tower.

Is he a rebel?

Bringing audience over the system into new realities could be considered as rebellion, but Patrick honestly admits that he works within art market laws comfortably balancing them with his unique vision of universe, which is fully relevant to time.

@Patrick Boussignac

Enjoy “L’espace temps immobile” from the 2 June to the 31 July at Cité du Temps.

Patrick Boussignac’s Facebook page

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