One ride in a Tesla in Geneva

Jan 24, 2018 | Geneva | 0 comments

Smooth beauty with almost 600 horse powers inside, without any emissions or noise. It is as desirable as a jewel and interesting to try and test like a new smartphone full of applications. Yes, I am speaking about Tesla, which SUISSEPIC tested the other day in Geneva.

To begin with that cozy Tesla boutique is located beside the Rive, a lively area in the center of super calm diplomatic city. Rive is a crossroads between Geneva’s historical Old Town and the Eaux-Vives, the most comfortable walking areas. Here you can find small shops, restaurants of all kind from MacDonalds to artisanal La Duree and constant flow of people, walking from one place to another.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

To perform test-drive you should make an appointment at Tesla and then to come on-time on the set date.  So did I. Entering the Store I noticed a smooth big Model S welcoming everybody like a technological hostess and also her small brother, placed beside to catch the attention of young Tesla lovers. Behind there was a base of the electric car to show the battery and the engine.

Dreaming big we chose spacious Model X to try. Inside this electric crossover offers 6/7 leather seats with seatbelts, regulated automatically due to your body’s size. Due to Tesla’s founder Elon Mask, it is the safest SUV. A big tablet placed at the panel like in every Tesla serves to perform driving and other options.

The back falcon doors designed like the wings make you say “Ah!”

They open upwards allowing the leading edge of the door to remain tucked close to the body. Tesla has enhanced autopilot and the autoparking mode.

Slowly we got into the street and went up.

“Be careful about city-speed restrictions, this car accelerates too quickly”, said Tesla manager, who accompanied us.

“But are we gonna try its 600 horse powers?” I was ready to clap my hands because there was no noise at all.

“Wait, wait. We are going to try it at the open and safe place”

And finally we got at the place with a small direct section of the road.

“Give it a go! Accelerate!” here he helped me to put Sport mode.

Just imagine 3 seconds and it was 100 km/h. It was almost like a plane during it taking off, with all that pressure, pressing you into the seat and without any growling sounds coming from the engine.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

Just imagine 3 seconds and it was 100 km/h. It was almost like a plane during it taking off, with all that pressure, pressing you into the seat and without any growling sounds coming from the engine.

I was wondering about the electricity consumption and found out that fully charged Tesla battery could be enough for approximately 400 kilometers. Not that much for a long route, but Tesla works a lot creating infrastructure for its environmentally friendly cars to be charged on time. They launched Supercharger concept, which allows to charge the battery  for 40 minutes instead of 8-12 hours of normal chargers work. According to the official information there are already almost 8,500 Superchargers installed in the world. In Europe they set at the distance, which allows you to cover 400 km before your battery dies. So be electric. Travel!

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

After we parked the car and there was another surprise. Model X started suddenly perform Holiday show with its lights and doors synchronized with the music of gorgeous “Wizards in Winter”. Rhythmic and cheerful track made and Tesla’s waving back doors like a bat made me open my mouth and start dancing with the car.

Map of Tesla’s Superchargers

“It is really intelligent this car, isn’t it?” asked Tesla’s manager.

Step by step Tesla wins the hearts of customers. With all these apps inside, luxury interior and comfort, for sure it is an attraction to drive. Some business owners already realized that. Now you can rent a Tesla for travel needs, order it as limousine services or to have a surprising ride with Uber along Geneva city.

Enjoy you Tesla drive

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