Five Medical Startups In Switzerland

May 22, 2019 | Startups | 0 comments

Switzerland is one of the most popular locations for development medical technologies. Currently there are 1,400 companies operating in digital health and medtech. They employ more than 58,000 people who create apps and headsets for mobile devices to help people live longer and be healthier.

The top 10 Swiss medtechcompanies according to the number of their employees: J&J Medical, Roche Diagnostics, Biotronik, Sonova, Medtronic, Zimmer Biomet, Straumann, B. Braun, Ypsomed, Dentsply Sirona.

Let us have a look at the new players at the market. Medtech and healthcare startups are listed below.


Founded in 2012 in Lausanne, MindMaze startup develops virtual reality products to stimulate neural recovery. It brings together a number of technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, computer graphics, brain imaging, and neuroscience. Today, in European hospitals, MindMaze’s technology is primarily used for patients that suffer from a stroke, have a spinal cord injury or a part of their body amputated. The virtual reality technologies help retrain the patient’s brain to regain motor function.

This Swiss startup has branches in Lausanne, Zurich and San Francisco.


Ava is an innovative medtech startup working on women’s reproductive health. It was launched in Zurich in 2014. It also has a branch in San Francisco. Ava has created a multi-sensor bracelet allowing women to predict their fertile days. This wristband helps increase the chances of getting pregnant predicting fertility with an 89% accuracy. Worn while sleeping, the bracelet continuously monitors a woman’s temperature, heart rate and other vital metrics to be able to tell when she is most fertile each month.

Sophia Genetics

Launched in Lausanne in 2011, Sophia Genetics is an analytical platform that helps physicians to uncover oncology, hereditary and metabolic diseases. It processes and analyses the patient’s blood draw or biops using a DNA sequencer. The platform identifies the mutations in a patient’s genome. There are about 330 hospitals from 53 countries that started using this platform. They do not pay annual licensing fees for it. They simply create a login and pay a fee whenever they use it to enter a new sample for analyzing.


Oviva, a technology dietetic platform, was founded in 2013 with the support of the Swiss Society for Nutrition. It is based in Zurich. Oviva provides medical nutritional counselling services through its mobile app. This app allows clients to communicate with their certified dietitian over text, call or video conferencing, track their diets, weight, and activity, monitor goals, and receive personalized information materials and tips. 20 000 people with diseases such as obesity, diabetes and food allergies improve their health in the UK, Switzerland, and Germany have already used this digital health app.


Aktiia is a Swiss startup founded in 2018 in Neuchatel. It also has an office in Zurich. It has developed a wrist wearable bracelet that monitors the blood pressure of patients to treat hypertension. Aktiia’s device uses common optical sensors and clinically validated software algorithms to measure an individual’s blood pressure at the wrist. The monitoring by this bracelet is continuous so users can see how their blood pressure changes at different times of the day.