How Guys From St.Gallen Launched A Tesla Rental Business

“If you wake up in the morning and think
that the future is going to be better it’s a bright day. Otherwise it’s not.”
Elon Musk CEO Tesla

Two years ago, Luca and his partners decided to start an electric car rental business in Switzerland. Each of these individuals had a Tesla for personal usage, but did not have a lot of mileage on the vehicles. A desire “to do” drove these individuals to provide people with an opportunity to rent the most high-tech vehicles in the world.

Being totally inspired by Tesla’s corporate vision of technology, design, and innovation, this group came up with the idea of bringing the future to their country and the Alps. Now, Luca and his partners have a Model S 90D and a Model X 100D in their vehicle fleet, as well as cooperation with other Tesla owners to utilize their cars and services.


Luca and his partners developed their business in Degersheim SG (Canton of St. Gallen), focusing on the needs of businessmen and customers who want a special car for a special occasion such a wedding, a date, or any type of corporate events.


To make it more convenient for their customers, this group is not merely focused on having a presence in St. Gallen to come pick up their clients. Luca and his partners have also set up an agreement with a luxury hotel. Following the “green” trend, the demand for Tesla vehicles has increased, and has resulted in ordering two Model 3 cars to diversify their fleet based on their clients and their costs.

Tesla’s Model 3 is supposed to be launched next year, and will become Tesla’s budget car in its product line. However, the Model 3’s price is still high with an asking price of $49,000. Luca personally likes the Model X. And who does not like it? Not so long ago, SUISSEPIC had the pleasure of taking a ride in this magical vehicle in Geneva, and was totally amazed by everything about it.

“The first Tesla I drove was a Model S P85D. It was just amazing. [The] Model X is my personal favorite Tesla because of its Falcon-Wing doors, high capacity, and comfort seating. But I love the Model S as well because of its elegant design and smooth driving feeling”

I asked Luca to specify Swiss travel destinations when driving a particular Tesla model. Luca proposed driving through the mountain passes like San Bernardino or Flüelen in the Model X, and enjoy a drive through a beautiful city or over a long distance in a Model S.

Charging an electric vehicle in Switzerland is not a problem as Tesla has a network of Superchargers, stations that charge cars in about 30-40 minutes, located in 55 different locations.

“Because of its small area (41,293.2 km2 – 15,943.4 sq mi), it is a lot easier to cover the whole country with charging stations to support long distance driving. For example, Tesla installed 10 Supercharger locations with a total 54 Superchargers across the country”

This group has ambitious plans to develop a Tesla network in Switzerland, and seeks other Tesla owners to be part in this vision.