Life 4.0 New Future and The Agenda of World Economic Forum 2018

Jan 25, 2018 | ThinkTanks | 0 comments

Digital aspects of economic development are among the main topics of World Economic Forum 2018, hold in Davos. Cyber threats and digital tools of evolving society were discussed. And this has already been called Forth Industrial Revolution, which is aimed to change human’s attitude to all the processes in political, business and social life.

Computers are no more the instruments for typing a text or perform simple graphics and codes, or just the screens to read websites with the basic information. Development of digital technologies involving Internet changed people’s consciousness. Computers are used to simplify everything in our life. And obviously it works. The daily processes have been transformed into functions, tasks for machines. The speed of finding the solution depends on the machine powers and proper algorithms. As it is never enough for a human, the situation when solution is found, makes us ask more information and develop another algorithm.

Yes, the perception of information changed as well. We want to get and give the information as fast as possible, and as easy as it could be. But isn’t it also the problem? Isn’t it true, that the volume of information and the speed of exchange do not help you to review and look deep enough into subject? This question I continue asking myself. 

…Digitalization has demonstrated its disruptive power in the past; it has turned entire industries upside down…

Joe Kaeser

President and CEO, Siemens AG

Fast pace of modern world multiplies tasks but does not give enough time to examine the situation and develop a perfect solution. To control the terms we developed Scrum and Agile but the surface knowledge coming from multitasking uncovers another problem of blurred responsibility. So social aspect is still very important.

Digital world creates new opportunities and new models of communication. It mixes business and personal life, completely erasing boundaries. I work in digital communications for almost 10 years and have to notice I hear dozens of complaints a day from my colleagues and friends about solving business problems late at night via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. For those who got used to bureaucratic procedures, this new reality is kind of irritating. But for those, who are straight-forward, social and open it is a beginning of a new life without restrictions set by someone else. The character of outcome depends on the level of your personal kindness, honesty and responsibility.

For example all these pictures illustrating the atmosphere of Davos I got from the delegates of World Economic Forum 2018, contacting them directly through social media. How have I found them? Very fast. The names are not mentioned due to their personal request.