Les Absolues Haute Perfumery Heaven in the Heart of Geneva

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Walking through the Old Town of Geneva among mediaeval stones, you realize that it is the best place to set up a concept boutique or a small modern art gallery –  it’s certain to become a corner of warmth and beauty. Olga did just that in August 2017, opening Les Absolues in Grand Rue.

Les Absolues is a concept boutique selling luxury perfumes. There are currently 17 niche brands from Switzerland, UK, USA, France and even Japan in its portfolio. All of them are individually selected, taking into account all the needs of the fancy Genevan audience floating around, looking for inspiration. Like art, perfumery preferences vary – ranging from sweet floral scents to deep spicy woody ones.

“Geneva is a very international place, home to people from different countries and backgrounds. All of them have different tastes and preferences”, Olga said. “However Les Absolues already has its bestsellers. This is MDCI from Paris. It attracts customers like a magnet, with complex and deep perfume compositions. The number of aromas may reach as many as 20 in a single perfume, and during the day they change one another depending on your mood and level of happiness”.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

Les Absolues is the place where perfumes obviously talk to people, showing the identity and unique ideas of their creators. Olga knows most of them personally, and now she is pleased to share their vision of perfumery with the public.

“Having worked all my life in luxury cosmetics, I was always passionate about the world of niche perfumes because of the freedom enjoyed by their creators, who bravely offer something that may go against the tastes of the masses and the rules of commerce”.

Independence in mentality and inspiration is one of the key aspects in Les Absolues philosophy. Niche perfumes are like jewelry or luxury watches, which are considered to be elements of your personal style and identity. They speak your language without following the trends. The artistic neighborhood  located beside Les Absolues, containing dozens of small galleries, only underlines this attitude to perfumery.

Photo: @les_absolues

Try them all. This is what you think while floating around small bottles of beauty, and it is really hard to make a stop in front of one, because all of them are special. The Swiss-made YS-Uzac perfumes, however, could be referred to as “must-haves”. Young Vincent Micotti, being inspired by music of Igor Stravinsky or Beethoven, composes his formulas in his laboratory in Basel. Most of them are limited editions, like his Sacre du Printemps or Immortal Beloved. His fragrances are very expressive. You will fall in love or start hating them from your first smell, but you will never feel indifferent.

The avant-garde Paris brand ÆTHER creates haute molecular perfumery with a new retro-futuristic twist. They are based on synthetic molecules, never before tried, which express the aromas of the world. ROSE ALCANE is based on metallic notes and rose, METHALDONE opens a new world or space with its metallic and incense combinations, AETHEROXYD invites you into a mystical forest with its forest scents.

Photo: @les_absolues

Les Absolues offers the brands that are not presented elsewhere in Geneva and/ or Switzerland (they are the only representatives in Switzerland for D.S. & Durga, Beaufort London, Coolife, Elisire, and Miya Shinma).

D.S. & Durga is a brand which is among the bestsellers at Les Absolues. It was founded by a couple from Brooklyn, New York. The story of the brand started at the home of D.S. He is a musician, and performs his best work in the art of perfumery alongside his wife Kavi (aka Durga), a designer. Nowadays they are well-respected in the world of niche perfumery. Their Debaser – a beautiful fig composition with delicate nuances of bergamot, green leafs and blond woods – became a hit. No matter how many bottles are ordered, it is always out of stock or “only one left”. Their scents always come with stories inspired by different places and times (from the pioneers in Massachusetts to the hills above Odessa by the Black Sea).

“We love independent designers, in fashion and in perfumes. They never follow the trends, only their own heart and vision. For them, perfumes are a form of self-expression and art”, smiles Olga. 

Brands to be found in Les Absolues:

  • Bottega (Italy)
  • Etat Libre d’Orange (Paris, France)
  • J.F.Schwarzlose (Germany)
  • D.S. & Durga (USA)
  • YS-Uzac (Switzerland)
  • MDCI (France)
  • Dusita (France)

Address: Les Absolues 12, Grand-Rue Genève