Popular Latin American Restaurants In Zurich

Feb 28, 2019 | Restaurants in Switzerland, Zürich | 0 comments

Attractions in Zurich are very multicultural. We had a look at Latin American restaurants in the business center of Switzerland. They offer good options from sizzling fajitas, burritos, tacos and enchiladas, to paella, ceviche, and buffalo wings. 

El Luchador

Konradstrasse 69, Zurich

El Luchador is a Mexican bar beside Zurich’s Main Station. Here, you will find mouthwatering Mexican burgers, impressive variety of tacos, posole, tortas, quesadillas and ceviche, raw fish marinated in lemon juice. They also offer Mexican beer and traditional coctails such as margaritas, horchata, tamarindo, mezcla or tequila.

Argentina Steakhouse

Thurgauerstrasse 36/38, Zurich

If you want to enjoy delicious Argentine wines and juicy steaks, Argentina Steakhouse Restaurant is a great option. The steaks are served with fries, mashed potato or mixed green salad. 

Photo: @El Luchador Facebook page

Papa Ceviche

Badenerstrasse 101, Zurich

Papa Ceviche is a Peruvian restaurant and a pisco bar with a huge choice of ceviches. Other popular dishes here are spare ribs, calamari, chicken wings, and smoked chorizo. South American melodies and fine decor create a laid-back atmosphere at this restaurant. 

Cartel – Crazy Burrito Shack

Militaerstrasse 14, Zurich

Cartel – Crazy Burrito Shack offers cool burritos. It is a budget food Mexican place close to Zurich’s Main Station. Their menu is quite simple: burritos, beans and/or rice, main fillers (beef, pork, chicken and a veggie version), and sauce. Roll your burito and eat with a handful of chips. They also offer tacos and nachos.

Photo: @Papa Ceviche Facebook page

Lola’s Restaurant

Manessestrasse 32, Zurich

Lola’s Restaurant is a charming Peruvian restaurant. They offer typical dishes such as ceviches, causa limeña (kind of salty potato pie), anticuchos (spicy marinaded and grilled beef’s heart), papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes with beef and veggies) and Pisci Sour, traditional drink from Peru. 

Churrasco restaurant

Glockengasse 9, Zurich

Located in Zurich’s Old Town, Churrasco is a perfect place for fans of BBQ and Argentinian wines. It offers to taste churrasco, ribeye and tomato soup. Come here for a good beefsteak or lamb  or chicken. Steaks usually come with the traditional chimchurri sauce (parsley, coriander, garlic and oil). The wine card is versatile.