International Hot Air Balloon Festival of Chateau d’Oex in Switzerland

Every year at the end of January Château-d’Oex, a charming village in the canton of Vaud, hosts the largest balloon festival in Europe. The International Hot Air Balloon Festival of Chateau d’Oex is a nine-day event in the Central Switzerland, which colors gray winter days into a sparkling feast.

In January 1979, Hans Bücker and Charles-André Ramseier organized the first event in Château-d’Oex. Then there were 12 hot air balloons from four countries. Over years the initiative of Bücker and Ramseier grew.

Today, the International Hot Air Balloon Festival of Chateau d’Oex gathers over 10,000 visitors. They come from different corners of the world to see dozens balloons of all shapes and colors. Among the participants there are over 80 hot air balloons from 20 countries.


“It was a white cold day warmed by lots of colors and amazing atmosphere”
Carlos Lourenco, SUISSEPIC Ambassador from Lausanne

Booking a flight on the hot air balloon you can experience an incredible adventure. Like a bird you are able to admire fabulous views of the snow-capped mountains and see other balloons taking part in the festival.

After do not miss visiting the Château-d’Oex Balloon Museum at the building of the former Town Hall. Here you will learn about the history of great air-baloon inventions and Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones’ circumnavigation of the world.

Last night of The International Hot Air Balloon Festival of Chateau d’Oex is usually a show of hot air balloons, paragliders, fireworks and music called “Night Glow”.


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International Hot Air Balloon Festival of Chateau d’Oex in Switzerland

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