Incredible Fields of Narcissuses in Bloom in Montreux

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Photo: Natalia Reznikova

In May canton Vaud is welcoming to see a natural phenomenon of blooming narcissuses. The fields of wild flowers cover the hills in Montreux-Vevey area.

This “May Snow” was once described by Ernest Hemingway.

One of these wonderfully marked trails starts from the village of Les Avants.
Others take place in Pléïades, Glion, Caux and Mont-Pèlerin stations.

Natalia, a friend of SUISSEPIC visited Montreux Riviera to see this and shared her experience:

Two or three weeks in May Vevey-Montreux surroundings are definitely a great place to visit. The mountains are blooming with white snow of wild narcissuses. How to get there? You need to take a way to Vevey up to Blonay. There in the village of Lally there is a place called Les Pléïades. 

Attention: Parking les Motalles is Free 

We were almost alone there. Maybe you know there is a beautiful legend about narcissus.

The son of God and the nymph Narcissus rejected everyone’s love for what he became a symbol of youthful pride and narcissism. He never saw himself, and when he first saw his reflection in the river, he fell in love with him so much that he could no longer part with him and died of hunger and suffering, in that very place the nymphs did not find the body, and a beautiful flower that has grown”.

Natalia Reznikova for SUISSEPIC

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