How to Stay Motivated Working With Sorrow, A Story of a Swiss Nurse

Jun 10, 2020 | Fempreneurship | 0 comments

Medical services are often emotionally troublesome. Gabi from Zurich runs a her small entrepreneurship in the field of taking care of difficult patients. We had a talk with her and discovered how she stayed motivated and develops her occupation.

SUISSEPIC: Where are you based?

Gabi Gübel: I am based in Switzerland in the canton of Zurich in Rüti. I have my office at home but go either to the patient and have a couple of fixed days in a clinic

SUISSEPIC: What kind of treatment do you offer?

Gabi: I work as a nurse and support patients with chronic diseases (e.g. cancer) and neurological disorders (e.g. dementia). I offer medical care, help with the necessary administration work / financing for the treatment of my patients to give them relieve to their families.

Photo: Gabi Gubel

SUISSEPIC: How does your job influences you emotionally? How do you cheer up yourself and stay motivated? 

Gabi: My family always gives me a feeling of happiness, which motivates me every day. I enjoy also how thankful the families are to whom I helped during their crisis. The reason to be able to help and care for people gives me new strength.

SUISSEPIC: Is there any special patient’s story that you remember and would like to share? Maybe two or three?

Gabi: My job is always related to families’ emotional rollercoasters because my patients often have tough deceases. However, not so long ago I had a patient with the last stage of cancer. His wife and Teenaged kids took care for him 24/7. No Spitex or Hospital wanted to take care of him with the reason we cannot help him anymore. I made them feel relax and say good-bye with respect and hearts full of love.

SUISSEPIC: What is the most difficult, and exciting in your job?

Gabi: The work is very demanding, but at home, I still have my family as a balance. Often, a lot of things come together but I manage to solve everything. The best thing is to care for the patients and to accompany them throughout the difficult time. My family have a lot of understanding for my job and my children are very proud of me.

SUISSEPIC: How many hours per day do you spend at your job?

Gabi: I spend about 8 up to 15 hours a day at my job.

SUISSEPIC: Is there any help from NGO or government in your job?

Gabi: Now I do not have any help from outside, which finances me specifically. However, I am on my way to settle professional and to do the need setting for my company.

SUISSEPIC: How people may contact you for services?

Gabi: My webpage is under construction and now you can contact me by my mobile phone or by mail 24/7. I hope to go live in the next 2 weeks. So far people heard about me and contacted me directly.