How A Russian Woman Opened A Coffee Shop In Zurich

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Fempreneurship, Interviews

Tania moved from Russia’s Volgograd to Zürich many years ago. Bringing the warmth and hospitality of Southern Russia, she opened a coffee shop here to promote a healthy lifestyle and the intimate feeling with coffee to the global city of finance.  Tania recently shared her fempreneurship experience with SUISSEPIC.

SUISSEPIC: What is the concept of your business here?

Tania: Our concept is a small coffee shop to go with healthy and delicious food. We collaborate with small food startups in Zürich and from small cities around the area. At Tania’s Coffee, we believe that good food is healthy, and that healthy food should be delicious. To ensure the best quality, we brew fresh coffee and create our smoothies together with local companies.

SUISSEPIC: Who are your clients?

Tania: Our key market are people who eat healthy and who are interested in high quality products. We offer coffee, smoothies, salads, soups, vegan desserts, energy balls, and more. You can also pick up a pack of granola or coffee beans here. We are planning to introduce some new collaborations soon, so stay tuned!

SUISSEPIC: Why did you choose Zurich to open a business? 

Tania: I chose Zürich because I live here. I walk to work from my place, which literally takes 10 minutes.

Of course, I like the city itself. Its diversity and open-minded approach are essential for me. Since recently opening my shop, my current plans are to develop the coffee shop, to build the awareness of the brand, to attract more loyal customers, and so on. For the moment, I don’t want to think very far ahead, but I can imagine myself opening a 2nd location, which may also  be a slightly different concept.

Photo: Tania’s Coffee

SUISSEPIC: Which parts of Switzerland do you like the most?

Tania: It depends on what I am doing. I love Lugano and the Italian-speaking part for a weekend. I could say the same for Romandy (French-speaking part of Switzerland). As for living; however, I’d definitely choose Zürich again because of its city lifestyle.

SUISSEPIC: What about your moving experience to Switzerland?

Tania: For me, the easiest thing about moving to Switzerland was the language. Seriously, I started to speak Swiss German quite fast and didn’t have any difficulties with integration. I can’t say that something was particularly hard with the moving process. Maybe all the paperwork; I believe there is way too much bureaucracy here.

SUISSEPIC: What is your vision of success?

Tania: In my personal opinion, success means having the ability to live your life the way you want it. There is no greater success indicator for me.

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