How to Make Friendship with a Swiss?

Mar 20, 2018 | ThinkTanks | 0 comments

The Swiss are considered to be quite close. How to get in contact and make friendship with a person from Switzerland? SUISSEPIC discovered a video instruction that was shown and posted on Facebook at SRF Deville Late Night on 25 February.

Hey-ho, you’ve finally moved to Switzerland. But why? If it for business, you are right. Nobody moves here for pleasure. After you spent your first 5 years in Switzerland doing your business all alone and sad, time to make some friend comes. Before you will make a Swiss friend you have to climb a wall of shyness, and the electric fence of pride, and cross the river of skepticism.

1. Compliment their money
2. Never make the first move
3. Get the knowledge of their financial system
4. Kill their old friends with kindness or a fondue fork
4. And again compliment. Like you compare them with Roger Federer

How do you know that you have succeeded?

For example when a Swiss decides to pay for your beverages, which are very expensive.
And since then you can do things that normal Swiss do: hiking, talking about insurances, more hiking and melting cheese.

Of course this funny video tends to spread positive emotions. And it is important to remember when you treat people (no matter which nation they belong to) your attitude should take an individual form. Because every person is different.

And stay kind!