How Not To Get Bored During COVID19 Pandemic, Build a Model of Geneva Airport

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Geneva

During COVID-19 pandemic Ali Claude Nkoulou, 17, from Monnetier-Mornex spent his time in a useful way. He created a model of Geneva airport 1/400. The idea came to him last September when he first bought an aircraft miniature and needed a perfect landscape to place it.   

Today it is almost done. And the results-pictures are published on Instagram @genevaairport.model.

Photo: genevaairport.model

SUISSEPIC: Why GVA airport and not another airport or a building?

Ali: The airports used to be a place where I got emotional roller coaster when I was young. I had an air sickness but admired the beauty of airplanes. Every vacation the airport of Geneva was the place of my high emotions but also my “sweet Home” when I was coming back from holidays.

Time healed my air-sickness but my love to airplanes remained very strong. 

Now I seriously consider becoming a pilot. Maybe one day Geneva Airport will become a place even more familiar to me. I think maybe if I did not love this airport so much, I would probably not be interested in aviation that much, and reverse. Both are complementary for me. 

Plus, for modeling this airport has a perfect size. 

SUISSEPIC: When did you start and how does it progress now? 

Ali: In October 2019, I made 3D-paper model in 1/500 scale. It was a card board model which later evolved into a 1/400 scale one. After I changed my model aircraft collection from 1/500 to 1/400 scale which I feel much more full of details. This helped me to fix some of early-made mistakes such as proper proportions, length and colors. 

This work is in progress. Parking places, the road in front, roof details and some building in the vicinity are still to be done. 

SUISSEPIC: How are the plans about presenting this work to public?

Ali: My genuine motivation was to make it for myself. Then I started sharing with my friends and family. For now, the most public action I do is placing work-in-progress pictures on my Instagram account. However, exhibiting might be a good idea for the future. 

SUISSEPIC: Did you present the project to the airport management already? 

Ali: No, not already. I just posted a story where @geneveaeroport was tagged, they answered to the story and saw some pictures but nothing more formal has been done toward the airport management.

SUISSEPIC: What is your main occupation and how modelling became your hobby? 

Ali: I am at school age just before bachelor grade. During my free time I am usually outside with my friends or with my family and the week-end I take aviation lesson to get my first pilot license. Modelling became a hobby especially during the quarantine, I had a lot of free time  so after my homework I tried to continue my project. 

SUISSEPIC: What is your favorite city in Switzerland? 

Ali: Geneva with no hesitation. I grew up here, so I have a lot of memories in this town and it is a part of me today.