How A Woman Launched A Furniture Atelier In Switzerland

Jun 11, 2019 | Fempreneurship | 0 comments

Khalida Aitsi is an expatic mom living in Zug. She opened a furniture restoration atellier to share her creative vibes and meet other women. Her Beehive is focused on performing personal orders on vintage furniture restoration and holding some events for women.  

SUISSEPIC: How did the idea of your business appear?

Khalida: I am an expat mom with three very young children. Initially I felt quite lonely and I was dreaming about a place where I could go just to talk without judgement. As a creative person with a passion of restoring furniture, I started thinking about launching a business of vintage furniture restoration, but I hated the idea of being alone in my Atelier. So, I decided to combine my passion for furniture restoration with my need to build my social life and meet other women. I opened a creative Atelier for women. Now I help them to escape to from the routine and connect with other amazing women.

I choose The Beehive as a name. In my opinion all women are like bees… brave, very smart and hard workers. If my atelier’s business could make one woman forget her worries and smile, I achieved my goal.

I have been very lucky as from the beginning I have had help from some amazing women who have contributed to the growth of this project. They are Adi, Desiree, Mary, Marion, Annelise, Prachi, Juanita, Stephanie.

Photo: Khalida Aitsi

SUISSEPIC: What are your main services?

Khalida: All our services are about developing the creative side in women and providing them with space to it.

  • The atelier has different zones dedicated for restoring furniture, for sewing, for working on the computer, for having coffee and chatting, for working with different materials like cement, leather, wood, jewellery, painting, drawing, knitting etc
  • Events & workshops focussed on empowering women organised by us or by other women. Examples: furniture restoration, sewing, make-up, soap making, energy healing, photography, video making.
  • Personal orders for furniture restoration – I have worked on special orders for sourcing and restoring vintage furniture
  • Sale of vintage furniture restored by me.

Photo: Khalida Aitsi

SUISSEPIC: How do you develop?

Khalida: I realized that it is not easy to cover this niche alone. I started to feel that since the last year. This month I found a proper person and we are working on how to develop this business and connect with more women.

SUISSEPIC: Where are you based?

Khalida: We are based in Zug canton but hoping to reach a wider audience in nearby cities of Zurich & Luzern canton. For furniture restoration, the aim is to reach all of Switzerland.

SUISSEPIC: And what is your favorite Swiss city?

Khalida: Lucerne is my favourite Swiss city. I love the view of the lake with the mountains and the medieval feel of the city.

SUISSEPIC: What is success for you ?

Khalida : Success is the number of happy woman having fun doing creative things at our atelier. Our place is buzzing with laughter and chats, women are connecting and helping each other grow. Having women who are having a bad day and seeing that the atelier brings them peace is what has always defined success.

Inspiring women of Switzerland and Swiss border areas. Talented expats and Swiss citizens who change the world running their business, creating art, working for corporations, coaching, holding events. Happy moms, wifes, girlfriends who light up the world with creativity and beauty.

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