How an Artist Found A Way To Develop Cognitive Abilities With Painting

Jul 23, 2019 | Fempreneurship, Fine art

Olga is an engineer, mathematician and coder from Russia. Most of her life she has been trying to integrate her essential skills into developing marketing and innovation on the basis of math and psychology. A while ago, she started her art courses in Montreux and discovered a new approach to people’s cognitive abilities and memory.

SUISSEPIC: Where does your deep love for art come from?

Olga: I was born and brought up in a beautiful city, Saint Petersburg. I could say that I was spoiled by an easy access to the world’s art treasuries like Hermitage, the Russian museum and art collections exposed in the residential palaces outside of the city.

I graduated from a highly technical university, however we always had an opportunity to learn the history of art, orthodox iconic painting at the facultative. The walls of our institute were decorated with reproductions of Escher’s paintings. At that time, being fascinated by his work, I leant for the first time that he was also a mathematician who managed to find the synergy of these seemingly different disciplines, art and math. Naturally though, while I found it inspiring, I could never imagine that I myself could ever become more than just a passive observer and admirer of art.

Photo: Olga’s personal archive

SUISSEPIC: And you found your devotion in Switzerland?

Olga: Many years later, already living for a while in Switzerland, I was looking for an activity my daughter and me could engage in together. We visited a school vernissage organized by Valeria Khachaturova, a founder of the Riviera Culturelle association, a Russian art teacher, gallerist and art historian.

I was very impressed by the level and quality of work of her pupils. Imagine my surprise when Valeria told me that many of those beautiful art pieces were someone’s first ever attempt at oil painting! I immediately wanted to try it myself and started my own fascinating journey in the world of art. I learned oil painting and then discovered other painting technics too, like watercolor and acrylic pouring abstracts. 

SUISSEPIC: What was so special for you?

Olga: Valeria uses a unique approach, which makes her a very special teacher. She lets us choose what we want to paint and then guides us through our first ever painting experience.

The results are impressive and very motivating for someone who never tried painting before. This first achievement is usually very encouraging, and you just can’t wait to try again with something else, like animals, flowers, mountains, villages, people, etc. It is transformational. Since I started my oil painting lessons, I see the world differently. 

Photo: Olga’s personal archive

SUISSEPIC: What do you learn?

Olga: We learn complex painting technics by copying either works of famous artists or the paintings that someone brought from their vacations. Sometimes we even use our most beautiful photos. We learn “how to” very quickly. Mostly because we have this freedom to choose what we want to paint. That makes us attached to the original pictures. I feel that emotional connections help accelerate the progress. We have never heard Valeria say “No, this is too early to try for you”.  Everything is possible! 

SUISSEPIC: How does art helps you with your work?

Olga: Lately, I also became interested in neuroscience research exploring how the art influences people’s cognitive ability and memory.  After carefully studying several scientific papers, I started to use art in my marketing work to help people memorize information better and then use this knowledge for improving people’s lives and health. 

My first attempt at blending art, math and psychology in my work was a great success. It was perceived as an unusual, fun and effective way of learning market and customer data.

This case was presented at the Global business conference, World Inspiration Network, in Amsterdam last year and called “How to tell the data story through art“. I am keen on inventing new and entertaining ways of sharing information with others. I continue my work on combining seemingly unrelated things, like art and math, music and people understanding, that aims to improve memory and boost the engagement of business people in our data-overloaded world.

As an artist, I still have many challenges ahead, but in this case the journey is more important than the destination, because art is inspiring me to do things better and differently in various aspects of my life.

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