How a Shy Indian Girl Became an Inspirational Educationist in Switzerland

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Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is an Award-Winning International Speaker from India. She settled down in Switzerland with her husband & two adorable kids in the Canton of Vaud. She is also a very well-known Educationist & humanitarian at heart.

SUISSEPIC: What do you do?

Dr. Ruby: I am an Educationist, Role Model, and Mentor to various international students attending Business and Hospitality Management Colleges. I have been teaching courses related to Human Resource Management, Communications, Business Ethics, Luxury, and Marketing to students obtaining their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees.. I have also been invited as a keynote speaker to various international conferences  to speak about Emotional Intelligence and Women Empowerment.

SUISSEPIC: When did you move to Switzerland and how long have you lived here?

Dr. Ruby: Marriage bought this girl from India to Switzerland. I moved here after getting married as my husband was working here on a project. We initially came here for 18 months, which was further extended by another 18 months. It has been 18+ years and we are happily settled with our kids. This is our second home now!

Photo: Sunil Khurdi

SUISSEPIC: What is your favorite place in Switzerland and why?
Dr. Ruby: Switzerland is a beautiful country for both summer and winter activities, I can’t really choose one main place. It is amazing how often I am inspired by just looking at the snow-clad alps, walking by Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), or just cycling through the forests. I love BBQs at picturesque locales, visits to hot water spa, and the most happening event of summer – the Montreux Jazz Festival.

SUCCESS is “Sincere Understanding of Consistent Collaboration with like-minded people; Enhances your Sustainable System of life”
Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

SUISSEPIC: What can you say about the Indian community in Switzerland?

Dr. Ruby: The Indian community in Switzerland is very supportive. They help out each other to integrate with the local system. There are few Indian associations in certain cities across Switzerland, which organize different cultural events throughout the year. The Indian Embassy is actively involved with members from Indian diaspora for different cultural & social events.

As the Founder of Indo-Swiss Cultural Network, a Facebook group, we are promoting a healthy cultural integration amongst our community members! We are trying to help Indians living in Switzerland to adapt & adjust to the Swiss norms by sharing information with this group.

We highlight the traditions, breaking news, special places to visit, great personalities, and dynamic leaders from both countries! We use this network as a platform to share inspiring stories, rich experiences, job postings, assistance, and support people.

Photo: Sunil Khurdi

SUISSEPIC: What is your vision for success?

Dr. Ruby: I believe success comes to those, who work for it. There is no success formula, we need to create one! As a shy Indian girl, it was not easy for me to find a job and start working in Switzerland, I had my struggles too. Even after starting my teaching career here at a management university, I did face the glass ceiling as I was the youngest lecturer & a woman! I had to work very hard on a consistent basis to prove myself. Magic didn’t happen in a day. Today, I can proudly say that I am teaching at a highly reputable college, an inspirational speaker, served as an Academic Dean of a well-known boarding school, gave a TEDx talk, and have been constantly invited to conferences worldwide.

SUCCESS is “Sincere Understanding of Consistent Collaboration with like-minded people; Enhances your Sustainable System of life”

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

SUISSEPIC: What advice you could give to expats that plan on moving to Switzerland?

Dr. Ruby: For any expats moving to Switzerland, I would provide a simple piece of advice –EDUCATE yourself well before going to any country. It will make your stay more comfortable and memorable!! As an educationist & inspirational speaker, I always explain my feelings via acronyms.

Elaborate understanding about the Swiss culture.

Dedicate time to learn the local language, watch TV, and listen to local radio channels to get a grasp of the language.

Understand the local culture, the way of life, and the people.

Communicate with the locals as well as with the expat community and try to have a good balance between the two It will make life easy.

Assurance for life – You are in the safest place with pure air, great community life, kids friendly, value for money, job security, great education facilities for children

Time management is most important lesson living in Swiss, you have to respect time and people will automatically respect you…

Entertainment unlimited as Switzerland is centrally located, you are well connected to all European destinations! You can be in UK, Italy, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Brussels etc. Heaven for both winter and summer activities…there is always something fun happening around here.

SUISSEPIC: What is your favourite Swiss place and why?

Dr.Ruby: Switzerland is a beautiful country for both summer and winter activities, I can’t really choose one main place. It is amazing how I often get inspired just looking at snow-clad alps, walking by lac Leman or just cycling in the forests. I love BBQs at picturesque locales, visit to hot water spa and most happening event of summer – Montreux Jazz festival.

Dr.Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is Vice President Women Empowerment for Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Chairperson for All Ladies League, Women Economic Forum, Founder President, InterculturELLE, Ambassador Female Wave of Change & Emotional Intelligence Trainer.

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