Gruyere Held A Festival Of Famous ‘Crème-double’

Jun 4, 2018 | Fribourg | 0 comments

First days of summer in Switzerland were lit up with a gentle sun, which brought a lot of visitors to Gruyere, a capital of famous Swiss cheese. From the 1st to 3rd June the village held a festival of delicious crème-double.

Crème-double is a traditinanal dairy product of France and Switzerland . It contains at least 30% or 45% fat. The one from Gruyere is enriched with 50%, and traditionally as a dessert it is accompanied with meringues and red fruits.

The history says that the first crème-double appeared in 1850 in Normandy (France) when a Swiss employee of a dairy farm in Auvilliers suggested to add more cream to enrich the curd used for cheese. This creamy product with a texture closer to a very thick yogurt was named as ‘Petite Suisse’, a prototype of crème-double. This story as well as the quality and aroma of Gruyere’s cream deserved praising during a special event or a festival. Nowadays it is annually held in the village during the first weekend of June.

Photo: @tastenotwaste

During the past 3 days visitors could eat as many Swiss dairy specialities as they wanted. For example to enjoy cottage macaroni and soup, cooked wine cake, caramels, truffles and of course the meringue with fruit and crème-double.

On 2nd June a giant mosaic in the colors of Gruyere, composed of 6,120 meringues was exhibited. Carved wooden cream spoons, old farm machinery, a farm itinerant and a procession of cows we also shown to the public being accompanied by traditional Swiss music.