Geni Deli: Geneva’s Musical Tourbillon

Aug 21, 2018 | Music | 0 comments

Geni Deli, a Hungarian who was born in Zurich, moved with her family to Geneva when she was 3 years old. As a teenager, Geni started to perform and sing with rock bands. Living in the diplomatic capital of Europe, Geni has had the opportunity of being exposed to an array of cultures and languages.

As a result, this talented young lady has been involved in a crowd-funded musical project called “Geneva”, which is aimed at praising Geneva’s diversity. Together with Jaumesse and Stefano Polastri, this song will be filmed and performed in the near future.

SUISSEPIC had the opportunity to sit down talk with Geni and get to know her better, especially about her style and the Swiss musical culture.

After rocking it out, Geni has ventured off into jazz and pop music, and is planning on taking a crack at electro music. This would allow her to understand and feel the different musical styles. As a true artist, Geni likes to meet new people through her creations, and spreading nothing but good vibes. When asked about her music, Geni said:

What can I bring to people with my music? I think that music gives a break to people, in everyday life. It is like a moment out of time. Sometimes it brings people into movies, atmosphere, in other moments, [or] other times. I create an emotion, a vibration into each song, and transfer them to the public.

Inspired by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra, Geni feels like she brings an atmosphere of classical music to the stage. Geni has performed at cafes and private events in cities across Switzerland, as well as in Italy, and even Latin America. This talented young lady, with her long blonde hair, has also managed to perform in front of a crowd of about 300 people.

Video: Geni Deli

“For me, music is like a necessity, I can’t quit singing. I will sing my whole life, that’s for sure. Inspiration. Passion. When I sing something from 50’s, I try to dive back in[to] a certain kind of atmosphere. It is like I manage to make a trip to another country”

Geni enjoys playing the guitar and singing every day, and has created different versions of her music as a guitar/voice or as a piano/voice combination. She also works in a studio, often collaborating with other musicians.

With her passion for creativity and her ability to adapt with her work, Geni seems to swing like a pendulum. One day, Geni is singing, and another day, Geni will be arranging some type event, filming, or taking part in a photo shoot. However, there is one thing that consistent – music continues to drive her to new heights.

“It is the vibe, the energy coming from the musicians that truly moves me!”

Geni’s work can be viewed on her YouTube channel.