Geneva Dance Events and SUISSEPIC will Promote Classical and Modern Dance in Switzerland

Geneva Dance Events and SUISSEPIC are pleased to announce the start of collaboration in promotion classical and contemporary dance in Geneva.

Originated in Italian Renaissance and developed into a concert dance in France and Russia ballet has become a type of art which has a universal majestic power to awake and inspire emotions.

Geneva Dance Events, an association founded in 2015, is aimed to develop and promote the art of ballet for contemporary audiences. SUISSEPIC as a highly developing media community about life, people and events in Switzerland was pleased to support the aims of Geneva Dance Events on promoting young talented ballet dancers and organizing cultural venues.


About Geneva Dance Events
Geneva Dance Events sets its mission as to share with an international audience its passion for classical and contemporary ballet, performed by the best dancers from world famous theatres such as Grand Théâtre de Genève (Geneva), Dutch National Ballet (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Vienna State Opera (Vienna), Royal Ballet of Flanders (Antwerp, Belgium), Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow), Mikhailovsky Theatre (Saint-Petersburg). The association is dedicated to inspiring and promoting young dancing talents locally as well as fostering the development of ballet worldwide.

Geneva Dance Events supports ballet dancers around the world and as such part of the benefits obtained from ticket sales for its shows is donated to charitable organisations in developing countries.

SUISSEPIC is a media project about Switzerland and people who live, work and travel there, started in 2017 as a social media community on Instagram. It unites more than 16,000 young social entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and photographers. Website has become a media platform for sharing stories, photos, experiences and emotions about Switzerland. As of 2018 SUISSEPIC has 50 independent authors from different Swiss cantons as well as abroad.

7 ballet Stars will Perform Classics and Modern Dance in Geneva

Extraсts from famous Russian ballets will be presented by the stars of 7 leading world theatres in front of the audience of Geneva’s Theatre du Lehman.

Sasha Riva: Dance is a Story Expressed through One’s Body

SUISSEPIC and Geneva Dance Events would like to introduce Sasha Riva, an American ballet dancer who has sparkled on stage in Hamburg, Germany. Since August 2016, Sasha has been a member of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève in Geneva, Switzerland. We had the opportunity to talk to Sasha about his career and his passion for dance.

Artur Shesterikov: About the Passion of Dance

SUISSEPIC and GENEVA DANCE EVENTS would like to introduce Artur Shesterikov, a Russian ballet dancer currently performing with the Het Nationale Ballet (Dutch National Ballet) in Amsterdam.

The first School of Classical Russian Ballet was opened in Geneva for kids 4-9

Throughout the centuries traditions of Russian ballet is widely understood as a way of conduct not just dancing. Geneva Dance Events opened in Switzerland the first School of Classical Russian Ballet for kids 4-9 years old. It is a new milestone in Swiss cultural life.

Yumi Aizawa on the Agenda, Roles and Life of a Sparkling Ballerina in Geneva

Yumi Aizawa, born in 1986 in Japanese Nagano crossed dozens of countries to become a world’s famous ballerina. She found her vocation in Geneva, where she dances leading parts in Grand Théâtre de Genève and enjoys eclecticism of styles including contemporary ones.