Geneva Changes the Names of Street to Support Women

Feb 27, 2020 | Geneva | 0 comments

According to the announcement of Ville de Genève, Geneva is going to change the names of some municipal territories to support women. This initiative comes from the project

With the support of the State Council, the City of Geneva will submit a file to the Cantonal Nomenclature Commission (CNN) to change the name of 16 streets, squares, parks and shirts on the municipal territory. This initiative supports 100elles project raising the under-representation of women in public space.

The motion M-2536 accepted by the Grand Council in 2019, asking to feminize 100 Geneva streets within three years.

Currently 548 streets in Geneva are named after great men and 41 streets have the names of women.

Photo: Ville de Genève

Women are largely forgotten, while they have always participated, and this state of affairs also explains this inequality in the attribution of street names. Indeed, the streets are named after important people in the history of Geneva. However, since women have been erased from history, they are today little or very little represented.